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Funding options


Asset Finance

  • Spread the cost of any opticians equipment
  • Use the latest ophthalmic technology
  • Buy over up to 60 months or lease
  • Release cash tied up in equipment

Practice Development

  • Opticians get 100% funding
  • Buy premises with a commerial mortgage from 2% above base rate
  • Buy your competitors
  • Take on staff, expand your practice

Any funding need

  • Release wealth from your practice with a goodwill loan
  • Tax bill? Spread the cost
  • Lending to let you buy in as a partner
  • Fund marketing - training - development

Talk to Rangewell – the business finance experts

At Rangewell our team of business finance experts work across the entire lending market. We know the lenders who understand your professional needs, and can deliver the funding solutions designed to help you run and develop your opticians practice

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

Finding better financial solutions for opticians starts with a call to Rangewell.

including 100% deals

As an optician with a practice to run you need finance that recognises your professional status and the challenges you face. At Rangewell we work harder to help you find it. Remember, as an optician you have a special status - lenders may be able to offer 100% finance for many of your business needs.

Funding for opticians equipment

Whether you are starting up, buying into an existing practice, or ready to move your current business on, specialist equipment is vital. From a smart mirror to a keratometer, you need the latest equipment both in your consulting room and in your shop.

At Rangewell we have found that Asset Funding can often provide the most cost-effective solutions:

Hire Purchase

If you need equipment that you want to go on giving service for years, Hire Purchase can provide the solution.


If you need the latest equipment without the cost of owning it, leasing will give you the freedom and flexibility you need.

New or used?

Good quality used equipment can be a sound investment, especially if you are setting up a new practice. However, many opticians miss out on the potential savings because they believe they need to find cash to pay for it.

At Rangewell we can help you spread the cost of used as well as new assets with Asset Finance. Find out more here.

Vehicle finance for opticians

Asset finance can also be the most cost-effective way to provide vehicles.

See how Asset Finance and Vehicle Finance could help you cut the cost of the vehicles you need.

Funding to buy an opticians practice

Buying an existing practice may require a substantial investment, but it may be possible to arrange a straightforward business loan to help you buy your first practice. 

If you are thinking of buying into a large practice, you may need to do so as a partner - or buy out a partner who may be retiring. Buy-in and Buyout Finance recognises the challenges and provides funding tailored to help you make full use of the opportunity. 

If you want to buy additional practices, dedicated acquisitions finance may be available. Find out more here.

Buying an optician franchise

Franchising is becoming an important development in the UK high street. An optician franchise will mean a substantial initial fee, a monthly fee and additional expenses for specified equipment and shopfitting. Conventional business lenders, such as banks, may not be able to help, as your business is technically a start-up, lacking a business history.

A Franchise Loan package may provide the solution.

Funding to buy your opticians premises

Premises in a good location, ideally with parking and public transport nearby, will be a major cost for your optician practice. You may need to borrow for the deposit on a long-term lease. Alternatively, you might want to buy with a Commercial Mortgage.

Commercial Property Finance is arranged on an individual basis.

Funding to refurbish your opticians' premises

You need to present a stylish and modern interior to bring in customers. Find out more about finance for refurbishment.

Funding opticians with a Practice Loan

This type of lending recognises your status and does not require security. It can provide a relatively high level of funding at a preferential rate of interest, which you may use for any purpose connected with your practice.

Contact us to find out more about whether a Practice Loan could benefit your optician business.

Tax Loans

Tax loans help you to spread the cost of your quarterly and annual tax demands into affordable monthly payments.

Our finance experts can help you deal with your tax bills.

Working Capital Finance for opticians

Working Capital Finance is designed to boost the working capital available to a business. It's often used to provide cash to pay staff and suppliers while business is slow during the early weeks and months of opening a practice or during a period of growth. It is designed to be repaid in the short- to medium-term.

Our finance experts can help solve your working capital needs

We can also help you find solutions if you want a capital injection for your practice - or to find out more about capital release.

Growth Finance for opticians

Large-scale finance can be vital if you have major plans for your practice, such as acquiring a competitor. Growth finance is a special type of funding designed to fund your growth plans.

Even if you do not have the long trading history and profit record that lenders usually require, we can help you find solutions.

Get our help in finding the most competitive lending for your needs.

Goodwill Loans for opticians

Goodwill Loans, also known as Cash Outs, use the value in your business as the security for a loan, and may provide a sum comparable to your annual turnover. This type of lending is suitable for any purpose inside or outside the business. Many opticians use it to fund investments or property purchases.

We can help you find the most appropriate lending.

Unsecured and Secured Loans for opticians

Whatever your business finance need, we can work with you to find a financial solution. Find out more about Unsecured loans and Secured loans.

Jigsaw funding for your optician's practice

If you have a major project, such as acquiring another practice, you may require funding from more than one source. At Rangewell, we are experienced in creating this kind of ‘Jigsaw’ funding, which allows us to use our financial expertise to provide the most cost-effective solution for each aspect of your financial plans.

Contact us to discuss how 'jigsaw' funding can provide answers for you.

Whatever your funding need, we've got opticians covered:

You can also source additional, specialised support from our Opticians' Directory - featuring everything from opticians equipment suppliers to specialised financial advisors for opticians, and more.

Discover our range of finances

Every type of finance for every type of business

Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

  • Reduce or eliminate capital costs
    Asset finance avoids upfront costs for major equipment by letting you spread it over months or years.
  • Cover all your equipment
    A single arrangement can cover items from multiple suppliers.
  • Repayments that work with your operating budget
    Your funding can be tailored to your needs and resources, and to fit your monthly budget.
  • Buy your premises
    Buying your premises with a commercial mortgage can actually cut your outgoings, and help you secure an appreciating asset.
  • Support your operating costs
    The first weeks and months of a new practice can be challenging. We can provide solutions to help you find your feet.
  • Better than 0% finance deals
    Some suppliers may offer 0% finance. Call Rangewell to see how you can pay less than with these ‘interest free’ deals.

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How important is it to choose a lender that is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority?

Find business finance packages for any purpose for optician practices, including to help with cash flow, working capital finance, premises funding or even equipment finance

Is business finance limited to companies based in the UK only?

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Key financial terms explained, such as credit lines, Asset Finance, Merchant Cash Advance and terms. 

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An additional commitmentBorrowing may be a long-term commitment, with ongoing monthly repayments which will affect your cashflow.
You may need to repayIf you sell your business, you may need to repay your borrowing.
Borrowing may be a personal liabilityLending will be secured on your practice, but you may be personally responsible for repayment with some types of loan.

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