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Finance For Professional Indemnity Insurance

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Everything you need to know about Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional Indemnity Insurance is crucial for any business that deals with customers or clients. It is used to protect the business if their clients accuse them of providing sub-par services, resulting in them losing money. This is, of course, a fairly wide definition – which is why all manner of businesses, from design and marketing agencies through to lawyers, architects and funeral directors, take out PI insurance cover. 

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a cost almost all businesses must bear every 12 months, but one that disproportionately affects certain sectors. Architects, for example, pay around 13x more than software developers. High PI premiums can eat into your cashflow, especially if you’re a service-based business that relies on invoices – any clients who are late in paying may leave you unable to pay your PI bill. 

Rising PI costs in the UK have become a significant issue for those in the professional services industry. In October 2020, law firms reported a 20% rise in cover costs. Elsewhere, the Civil Engineering Contractors Association (CECA) reported “substantially” higher insurance costs, with one firm’s premium rising from £24,000 in 2016 to £68,000 in 2017. 

In general, the Law Society says that its law firms typically pay 5% of their annual turnover in PI cover costs. 5% of your turnover represents a sizeable chunk of your profits and can spell disaster if cashflow issues are stretched, and you can’t afford to pay for the cover. 

Rangewell can help you arrange finance to alleviate this problem. We’ll help you find the right lender to support you with PI cover costs via an unsecured loan that is repaid over 10-12 months. This loan means you don’t need to disrupt your own cashflow or capital and can secure PI insurance cover even when your own clients are late in paying you. 

What affects PI Costs?

Before you apply for finance, have you considered the factors that are impacting your quoted premiums? The following are all important considerations for businesses who must pay PI: 

  • Cover level - the level of cover you choose will affect your premium, but businesses that work in more professional sectors such as architecture and law will need a high level of cover to protect themselves. 
  • Business size and experience - the way your corporate structure operates, the length of time you have trading and the overall size of your business will affect your professional indemnity cover costs. Large businesses tend to have higher premiums which can be challenging, but lenders are also more willing to lend to established businesses with longer trading history. 
  • Sector - your sector will determine your PI cover costs, with some industries presenting higher risk of PI claims. 
  • Location - your geographic location affects PI prices – especially if you’re located in a ‘high risk’ area where litigation is more commonplace. 

Finance for PI Cover

While some PI providers offer a monthly payment plan for their premiums, the majority demand payment up-front. Even those who allow for monthly repayments tend to charge higher premiums as a result. A finance loan at the right time not only helps alleviate cashflow issues but can allow for more affordable repayments against the insurer’s own monthly costs. 

Finance for PI cover should ideally be taken as an unsecured loan that can be repaid over 10-12 months. The ideal way to arrange this is through a professional indemnity insurance finance broker such as our team here at Rangewell. 

Our experience in the industry means we can negotiate with lenders who understand your sector and business and will accommodate for the rising cost of PI insurance. Don’t let your new premium dissuade you from planning growth or investing in your business. Work with Rangewell today and we’ll help get you the funding you need. 

Finance your PI Insurance

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Professional services finance

Businesses that pay professional indemnity insurance premiums tend to operate in the professional services sector. At Rangewell, we specialise in helping businesses who deal with clients in service-based industries such as law, architecture, accounting etc to secure the finance you need to start, grow or invest in your business. 

Traditional business loans may not suit your needs when you’re working in the services sector as cashflow issues, invoicing delays and capital investment all hamper your position and affect how lenders view you. 

Where a lender can see a traditional commerce business’ stock and assets to secure their loan rate against, they must instead estimate based on your work in progress and client base. This means you might not access the best rates, or even fail to secure funding entirely. 

With Rangewell on your side, we’ll not only discuss all of the potential financial products you can utilise beyond standard business loans, but we’ll take you through the entire lending market and help you prepare and apply for finance that suits you. We can help with finance such as:

  • Commercial mortgages for business owners that want to buy the building they work from. Typically a larger-scale finance option that requires specialist attention during your application to lenders. Repayments can be spread for as long as 20 years. 
  • Unpaid invoice finance can help you recoup working capital when your clients are late to pay. Using this option, a lender will offer funds based on unpaid invoices as your security – with funds available in just 24 hours. 
  • Commercial business loans are popular for good reason – but to get the best finance for your needs you’ll need an expert working on your side. 

We’ll negotiate on your behalf to secure the best rates and terms to fuel your goals. Visit our professional services hub to learn more about what we do and see case studies depicting real clients and their successes. 

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