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A classic car can be a personal indulgence or a shrewd business purchase - but getting the most competitive finance will be essential.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

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Classic car finance

Classic cars have gone from a minority interest to a serious investment class. The costs can be high, but the funding can be simple with Rangewell.

For many car enthusiasts, buying an exclusive classic is a lifelong dream.  But such is the interest in older quality vehicles that purchasing a car described as a ‘work of art’ has gone from being an indulgence to a sensible investment.

Many quality vehicles are now appreciating assets, with a place in a fully diversified investment portfolio.

While the enthusiasts classic car market continues to prosper and has broadened to include iconic modern classics, the investment potential of a classic car with history and provenance as an alternative asset continues to be capitalised by individuals and investment trusts. 

Exotics, and marques such as Ferrari and Aston Martin may have doubled in value over the last decade. Vehicles that were once relatively common such as early Jaguars are now seen as collectable. Older ‘ordinary’ vans and cars in good condition which have a novelty value may also have their appeal as 'working classics' for publicity purposes.

But finding funding for this type of vehicle may still be a challenge. Very few lenders are prepared to work in the field, which they see as too specialised for their involvement. 

At Rangewell, we can help you secure the funding you need for any kind of vehicle - including classics. We recognise that the status of classic cars as investment vehicles, and older vehicles in general as  means they are appreciating business assets rather than wasting resources. Our understanding means that we can find the most appropriate funding from lenders who share our enthusiasm and understanding.

There are of course several ways to buy a classic car. 

If you buy from a specialise dealer, they might off you a finance plan. We have found that you could be better off asking for their best price for cash, and paying for your classic finance from a specialist lender. 

At Rangewell we can provide a number of finance solutions to suit the needs of your business – not the vehicle dealer’s. 

Alternatively, you may buy at auction, in which case you will need to be able to provide a cash repayment with a set time (usually a month) of the hammer falling. 

A private purchase from another enthusiast will also mean a cash payment.

Whatever route you take to acquiring your classic, we can provide the fiance you need.


Asset finance

Asset finance with Hire Purchase is the classic way to buy a vehicle. You ‘hire’ the vehicle until you’ve paid enough to ‘purchase’ it, when it becomes yours.

With Hire Purchase, you’ll pay fixed monthly repayments, making it easy to manage cash flow during the term. When you’ve made all the repayments, you, your business or your investment fund will own the vehicle, which may be able to provide be both a usable vehicle and an appreciating asset for years to come

HP can run for terms of up to 60 months.

A major loan 

Some classic cars - particularly those with race or other special provenance - may be beyond the reach of most usual asset finance arrangements. A Mercedes raced by Sir Stirling Moss or Juan Manuel Fangio

Could cost in the region of £20 million, for example. Special arrangements will be necessary to arrange the necessary funding - at Rangwell we know the lenders who may be able to help. 


Why come to  Rangewell for Vehicle Finance?

At Rangewell, we work across the entire lending market. Our team knows the lenders who specialise in classic vehicle finance. We provide a financial service specifically suited for the purchase of a classic car, whether you are a collector, an established dealer seeking short term  finance for a particular vehicle or an investor looking to purchase a classic as an investment.

We recognise that everybody’s circumstances are different so we create a finance option which perfectly suits you. 

Talk to our experts to discuss the details.

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