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Cashflow support

  • Deal with seasonal slowdowns
  • Support cashflow
  • Affordable short term funding
  • Additional working capital


  • Buy in stock
  • Pay staff
  • Pay suppliers
  • Ideal for SMEs working with corporate clients


  • Loan facility can be set up as a precaution - at no cost
  • Competitive rates from 2% above base rate
  • Can form part of a wider finding package
  • Funding can be available rapidly

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Working capital is key to running your business - and sometimes it can run short. We know the lenders who can provide a cash injection to your working capital, and help you secure the funds you need at the most competitive rate. you need

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

Your working capital is the money your company has available to run its everyday operations. It is the lifeblood of your business.

When it runs dry, your company can’t pay suppliers or staff - which means it simply cannot operate. That’s when a Working Capital loan can provide a quick injection of funding - the working capital you need to stay in business.

Working Capital Loans are used to cover everyday operating expenses, such as your accounts payable and payroll. They are simple, short-term loans designed to provide a cash lump sum fast and intended to be paid back in a matter of months - and they can be vital even for thriving businesses.

When do you need a Working Capital Loan?

The big challenge for all businesses is cashflow. When cashflow slows, your working capital can soon be eaten away. There are several common reasons for slow cashflow:

Slow paying clients

A business can have a full order book, but if customers are slow in paying there will be no flow of cash through the business. It can’t buy in raw materials or stock, pay the workforce – or even keep the lights on. Small businesses who work with larger business customers are particularly prone to cashflow problems, as they can find it impossible to enforce timely payments.

A Working Capital Loan could keep your company in business until that large payment comes in.

Seasonal business downturns

Businesses with seasonal work patterns also need Working Capital Loans. Retailers may be cash rich during the Christmas peak selling season and first quarter, but need support during a slow summer season. Manufacturers run their production during the summer - but may need a Working Capital Loan to pay wages and other operating expenses during their quiet fourth quarter. These loans are usually repaid easily as the company hits its busy season.

Growing businesses

Rapid business growth can actually be a serious problem if you don’t have sufficient capital to cope with the increased demand. A new customer can mean taking your business up a gear, and extra costs before the extra revenue from the client’s payments start rolling in.

Working Capital Finance can help provide fast access to cash for the sudden increase in payroll or inventory needed.

Why you need Rangewell to arrange a Working Capital Loan

A Working Capital Loan is a common finance solution, but some suppliers may demand high interest rates for the cash you need. Lending is priced on risk, and if these lenders see a cashflow problem, they may take it as evidence of poor management or other underlying problems. This could increase the risk and the amount you pay.

At Rangewell, we know things may not be that simple - and that cashflow problems can be a sign of a business that is growing fast. Our team of business finance experts can work with you to understand the real issues that are causing you to need a Working Capital Loan. They can help you find lenders who work in your sector and who are the most flexible in their approach, and use their understanding of your business to help you secure the most competitive deal.

Why you should call us now

If you believe that you may be having issues with cashflow, it’s better to have a solution in place before things escalate. If we can help you set up a Working Capital Loan now, it may be possible to find better terms than those available if those issues become acute.

Arranging a loan will cost you nothing if you don’t draw down the cash – but simply knowing you have a financial lifeline could mean valuable peace of mind and, at Rangewell, we can help you with the widest range of business finance options, including:

Call us now to protect the future of your business.

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Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

  • A choice of lenders
    Many lenders can provide Working Capital loans. With help from the Rangewell team, you can find the most competitive deal for your business.
  • Short-term finance
    Working Capital loans are designed to provide a cash injection for the short term. You won’t have to make years of monthly payments to pay back what you borrow.
  • Flexible. Use the money however you need to.
    Lenders put no restrictions on how you spend the money. You are free to do whatever you need to keep your business operating, whether it’s paying existing bills, dealing with commitments like wages or preparing for the future by buying in stock.
  • The funds you need, fast
    Working capital loans can be the quick and easy way to cover gaps in cashflow without the delays and administration of a traditional bank loan.
  • Easy to arrange
    Applications can be quick, with minimal paperwork and money available fast, usually within a week after the application is accepted.
  • May be available without security
    Working Capital loans are easy to arrange for companies with a good credit rating, and can be offered unsecured. You won’t need to put up business or personal assets to secure the loan.

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How does Working Capital Finance work?

How many kinds of Working Capital Finance are there?

What are the costs?

How to pick the right lender

The downsides of a Working Capital Loan

Paperwork you need to provide with your application

Guarantees and security

Key Terms to check

Working Capital Loans for small business owners to help day to day short term cash flow or long term projects

Get support for the right type of business loans and source of working capital finance

Is it important to find a lender that is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority or Prudential Regulation Authority?

Does my credit rating affect the interest rates I will be offered from financial institutions?

Is Confidential Invoice Discounting a type of Working Capital Finance? 

Do I need to be registered in England or possess a business bank account to qualify for Working Capital Finance? 

My working capital needs change from day to day, can finance help smooth this out?

Is Working Capital Finance a type of asset based lending or not?

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Working Capital Finance can be costlyThe interest on Working Capital Funding can be high. It is designed for short-term use so the effects of high rates may be less damaging, but a Working Capital Loan could have an impact on your overall profitability.
You may need security - your home could be at riskIf you are don’t meet a lender’s criteria for an Unsecured Loan, you may need to offer security from your business assets or personal property. Your home could be at risk if your business became unable to keep to the repayment plan.
Impact on your credit ratingIf yours is a small business, Working Capital Loans may be tied to your personal credit rating. Any missed payments or defaults will hurt your personal credit score as well as the credit rating of your company.

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