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Does your business rely on expensive software licenses or subscriptions to operate? Financing can help you manage your expenditure and control cash flow. 

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One of the biggest sources of rising costs for businesses comes in the form of expensive software subscriptions and licenses. In just five years, software costs have more than doubled at a rate that far outpaces inflation. Across the last decade, global annual spending on software has risen from $13 bn to $157 bn. 

If your company depends on these costly digital subscriptions, paying your license fees can quickly compromise your cash flow. In many cases, paying up-front for an annual fee can provide a significant discount – but only if your business has the capital needed to make the investment. 

Rangewell can help you secure a loan to raise the funds you need. We’ll work with you to explore your needs, identify the right lenders and arrange competitive finance for software subscriptions and licensing – all at no cost to you. 

Get in touch now if you’d like help with managing your software costs, or read on to learn more about asset finance for software. 

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Loans for software subscriptions and licenses 

Most businesses utilise some form of software in their day-to-day operations. However, some companies don’t just use software – they rely on it. If your business is aiming to grow, there’s a high chance you’ll need to invest in certain pieces of software to help facilitate that growth. 

Finance providers are willing to lend to businesses like yours, though their expectations will be different when compared to traditional asset finance. When you’re looking for a loan that is mainly used for digital assets, you need to consider the lender’s risk and how you can best represent your business to mitigate that risk.

Generally, this means preparing a strong business plan that demonstrates the financial value of the software subscriptions you use. Work with an accountant or business planning professional to draft detailed forecasts that demonstrate how your business will improve profitability through investment in software, which will help strengthen your application. 

Similarly, lenders want to see evidence of a reliable business that has demonstrable experience and good credit. If you’ve got a poor credit rating or your business is relatively new, speak to Rangewell first so we can help you put together a stronger application for your loan. 

Why take out a loan for software subscriptions?

Due to the subscription-based nature of most software subscriptions, you may not consider taking out a loan if you feel you can manage the payments. However, there are a few clear scenarios that demonstrate the value of taking out a business asset loan for software. These include:

Annual subscriptions and multi-year deals

Your software provider is a business looking to improve revenue. As such, they may be amenable to offering significant discounts to customers who are willing to commit to long-term agreements. In most cases, this comes in the form of an annual subscription cost that is lower than the monthly offer. In some instances, however, you may be able to negotiate an even more affordable deal if you commit to longer licenses. 

For example, a business that signs up for a 3-year contract will be offered a much more attractive fee than a similar company paying monthly across the same timeframe. Unfortunately, you can’t just sign a contract to guarantee this price – you’ll need to pay up-front, too. 

To pay up-front, you’ll need capital. If you have existing cash in the bank, it may be better spent elsewhere. If you don’t, you’ll need a way to raise the capital. In both cases, lenders can offer you a loan that enables you to pay up-front and access the discount, then spread the cost of repayments across a longer period of time to make it as affordable as possible. 

Installation, training and maintenance costs

Most software subscriptions are straightforward, but larger corporations may require a far more complex model when adopting new software. For example, a 100+ employee enterprise investing in a new CRM (customer relationship management) platform would generally also need physical assistance with installation, set-up and ongoing maintenance. 

In most cases, this means adding to the overall cost – whether that’s billed separately or just represented in a bespoke quote. This might mean that your actual quote is far higher than your initial idea of spending – especially if the software provider’s pricing information didn’t account for the installation, training, maintenance, etc. 

Loans provide a way to quickly boost your cash reserves and pay for any costs associated with getting your new software up and running. 


Even if you believe you have a good relationship with your software company, some providers may issue automatic renewal charges without ever asking you about your cash flow situation or ability to make a payment. This can lead to unauthorised charges, or a situation in which you have suddenly lost a large share of business revenue without realising it. 

In these cases, loans can help provide the buoyancy you need to keep your business operational. If you can’t renegotiate with your software company to arrange for a different payment option, then a business finance provider may be the best choice to help you rectify your problem. 

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The list we’ve just covered is not exhaustive. For many reasons, a business may choose to seek loans to help pay subscription fees. Regardless of your situation, Rangewell can help you understand your options and negotiate the right solution for you – all on a complimentary basis. 

Our finance experts know the IT and software world inside and out, so we can help you prepare your business plan and win lenders' support. Get in touch and start today. 

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  • Preserve your working capital
    A cost-effective way to get access to the tools, equipment and machinery your business needs, without upfront investment. Asset Finance can cost less than a conventional loan, as the assets themselves offer security for the lender – meaning lower rates for you.
  • What is suitable for asset finance?
    Vehicles, construction, industrial and agricultural machinery, IT and office equipment, medical, dental and veterinary equipment: all available used, and all suitable for Asset Finance.
  • Monthly payments to fit your budget
    Your term and monthly payments can be planned to fit in with your turnover. You can often arrange a funding solution to fit in with your accounting and tax needs.
  • Scaled for your business
    Agreements can cover equipment at all cost levels. Whatever the scale of your business we will help you find an Asset Finance solution to fit it.
  • Big business assets for smaller businesses
    Asset Finance for used equipment can help you get the tools you need to compete with larger businesses at a fraction of the cost.
  • Reduced risk to your business
    If your business hits problems and you can’t keep up the payments, the lender can recover their costs by taking the equipment. No other assets are at risk.

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What is an Asset Finance loan?

An Asset Finance loan uses the company's existing assets, such as inventory or equipment, as the security for a cash loan. The company borrowing the funds must provide the lender with a security interest in the assets.

How does asset finance work?

Asset Finance is a type of finance used by businesses to pay for the equipment they need over time and avoiding the full cost of buying outright. Security is provided by the assets themselves, which means they can be reposessed if you fail to make payments - although it will also mean reduced costs.

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