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Finance for paying suppliers

Can’t pay suppliers? A working capital loan may give you the breathing room you need to turn your business around, or even increase your buying power to command better deals.

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For businesses to operate smoothly, it’s important to pay your suppliers on time. Unfortunately, it isn’t always possible. Circumstances can change and quickly cause issues in cash flow, which may lead to you being unable to pay suppliers. 

To restore your supply chain, you’ll need to find a source of cash to pay your supplier and continue operating. Here at Rangewell, we can help you find lenders willing to support you with working capital loans that can be used to pay suppliers and get you back on track. 

In some cases, businesses that have no issues paying their suppliers can still benefit from finance. If you want to access preferential discounts on bulk orders, for example, a loan can help you make a bigger order and then spread out repayments while you sell off the stock. 

Whether you’re struggling to pay suppliers due to financial challenges or you want to increase your buying power, speak to Rangewell today. 

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The importance of solid supplier relationships 

Most businesses rely on invoicing as a means of taking and making payments. When it comes to paying suppliers, invoices typically mean you have a window in which to make a payment. Overdue unpaid invoices can lead to frustration and, eventually, a breakdown in relationships. 

If you’ve left an invoice overdue, it may be impossible to order more products or services from your supplier, which in turn will damage your own ability to do business. To resolve the issue, you’ll need to submit payment before an invoice becomes overdue. 

However, as you may also rely on invoices or other forms of delayed payment, it can be easy to reach a position where you have less cash in the bank than you are owed, which limits your ability to pay your supplier. 

You can’t expect a supplier to continue working with you on good faith – you need to pay them. Finance allows you to raise cash and submit payments, all without having to rely on your own invoices and customer payment windows. Once raised, you can repay the loan across an agreed term length and keep your business running smoothly. 

Access better supplier deals with finance

Some businesses may find that their suppliers offer significant discounts and incentives for larger orders. Whilst you may recognise the value of this offer, pursuing it is a matter of having the cash in the bank. Smaller businesses, for example, often miss out on these preferential rates because they lack the buying power of a larger brand. 

Raise a working capital loan and you’ll be able to access your supplier’s best discounts and deals, increasing your overall business revenue and making any subsequent loan repayments easy to manage. 

Don’t let an opportunity to seize a supplier discount pass you by. Get in touch with Rangewell to discuss your options. 

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Our team is on your side, helping navigate the lender’s market and arrange finance that suits your needs. We understand the importance of a robust supply chain and we’ll help you restore yours through a working capital loan that supports your business and cements a better financial future. 

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