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Business Asset Refinance

Whatever type of business you run, you probably have money tied up in assets. This could be anything from vehicles to equipment, computer hardware and even property.

Many businesses in the UK have found themselves struggling to manage cash flow  - even if, on paper, they have valuable assets. These assets could be refinanced to help you get control over your debts and capital. 

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If you're struggling to make profits but you know you have valuable assets in your business, you may be missing an opportunity to use them effectively. Now might be the right time to refinance some or all of your assets to release the funds you need to operate or even grow your business. This is the ideal way to get the money you've already invested in your business to work for you a second time. 

What is asset refinance?

Asset refinance is a specific form of refinancing that allows you to unlock some or all of the money tied up in your business assets. If you require investment for growth or even need to improve cash flow, asset refinance might be a useful solution for you. 

You can even use the money from asset refinance to invest in new equipment, unlock working capital or support operational costs to your business. Perhaps you are experiencing a seasonal downturn or are still feeling the effects of the pandemic and government lockdowns... whatever your reason for needing funds, refinancing your existing assets could be just what you need to ease the pressure. 

If you sell products online, for example, then you will have money tied up in your inventory. Ecommerce businesses often experience seasonal peaks and troughs, so costs for operations such as warehousing, fulfilment and website management can take their toll during quieter months.

Online businesses, in particular, can benefit from working with an experienced independent finance specialist like Rangewell, as we have a number of contacts in the ecommerce space and regularly help modern businesses to find and secure finance from lenders who understand their unique needs. Read our comprehensive guide to learn more about ecommerce inventory finance or get in touch direct to start an asset finance application today.

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How does asset refinance work?

Depending on the assets and your business goals, asset refinancing typically works in the following way. 

A lender will treat a physical asset, or several assets, as security for a loan. Since the loan is secured against the asset, the lender has the right to take the asset if you are unable to keep up the repayments.

Asset refinance is extremely useful if you find you have a lot of money tied up in assets but struggle with day-to-day cash flow. If you are among the businesses significantly impacted by the pandemic, such as the hospitality industry, then you will understand what it's like when the money stops coming in. 

Asset refinancing can also release funds for you to spend on a new piece of equipment, such as stock for your shop or the necessary computers your team needs to work. However you intend to spend the money, speak to Rangewell about leveraging your existing assets and unlocking cash to invest in your business today.

What are the benefits of asset refinance?

A wide range of businesses can benefit from asset refinancing. Whether you sell products or services, you still have assets that hold value and, therefore, can be leveraged to help support cash flow. 

Some of the most common benefits of asset refinancing include:

  • Unlock working capital from your existing assets to invest in other areas of your business or support your operation through a quiet period.
  • Reduce business cash flow worries and make paying your staff and bills easier. 
  • Reduce unsecured debt and access better finance terms by securing business loans to tangible assets. 
  • Manageable monthly payments and consolidate your finance.
  • Release funds to invest in new equipment, including hire purchase.
  • Buy new business equipment or commercial vehicles using the finance tied up in your existing assets.
  • Transition existing finance arrangements to better terms

So, if you want to refinance assets, then be sure to speak to Rangewell today. 

Making payments easier

If you are having difficulty making payments on an existing asset finance arrangement or simply want to redirect cash elsewhere in your business, you can refinance it. A lender will pay off what you owe under your original agreement and set up a new finance arrangement.

This can mean reduced repayments, spread out over a longer-term, or provide you with a cash lump sum as well as a new finance agreement for your asset.

Asset refinancing with Rangewell

Harnessing your existing assets can be a great way to unlock funds and secure a cash injection to invest elsewhere in the business. To determine whether this is the right option for you and to learn more about the types of asset finance, you will need some expert help.

At Rangewell, we are a team of finance experts independent from lenders. We can access the whole of market, including specialist lenders, to find and secure the best possible asset refinancing package for you and your business. 

We're not just here to help find finance, although that's a big part of it. We also support your finance application and work with you to identify risks that may impact your likelihood of securing funds on good terms.

When dealing with assets, accurate valuation is vital to the success of any application. Our asset refinancing experts will help you through this valuation process, as well as any concerns regarding unique asset identifiers and depreciation. 

We know lenders covering virtually every business niche, including medical and veterinary equipment, so it's our aim to match you with a lender who truly understands your needs and aspirations as a business in your industry.

To understand exactly what it can do for you, you need to talk to a Rangewell expert to hear more about the possibilities.

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Last update: 6 February 2024

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