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Like many sectors in the UK, veterinary businesses face rising costs and other financial challenges. Veterinary practice owners must pay for medicine, equipment, staffing, rent etc. Less senior vets who have aspirations around owning a practice of their own also face challenges around raising a considerable sum to fund their purchase. 

Considering that the costs for setting up a veterinary practice can quickly surpass £200,000 when accounting for rent, staffing, equipment and marketing, vets often turn to lenders to seek help in financing their business. 

The lender's market can be a frustrating place, with a wide variety of loan types and lending criteria that can make it hard for you to secure a beneficial agreement. Don't run the risk of accepting a loan that is going to hamstring your business or your future - work with our team instead. 

Here at Rangewell we help vets at every stage of their careers to secure the finance needed to realise your goals. From purchasing new equipment to buying a business outright, we'll help guide you through the available lenders and types of loan you can access. We'll negotiate on your behalf, at no cost to you, and secure a veterinary finance deal that'll get your tail wagging.

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Case studies

See how we've helped other vet industry individuals improve their business with these case studies. 

Funding the buyout of a veterinary practiceCase Study

Funding the buyout of a veterinary practice

A veterinary assistant found his lack of business experience running a practice made lenders wary in an already delicate...

26 May 2021

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We've put together guides to the specific issues that crop up in the vet finance sector, so take a look below to see if your questions have been answered. 

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How to Buy a Veterinary Practice

Whether you're attempting to purchase a competitor's business or just looking to buy an existing practice rather...

23 April 2023
Could a franchise help you make the most of your veterinary practice?

Could a franchise help you make the most of your veterinary practice?

Running a veterinary practice, like any other business, means risks. The main risk comes not from your clinical skills...

16 January 2020
How much does it cost to set up a veterinary practice?

How much does it cost to set up a veterinary practice?

Starting a new vet practice can be daunting because you are also setting up a business.

25 June 2019
Management tips for veterinary practices

Management tips for veterinary practices

Running a veterinary practice can be rewarding and enjoyable. According to The Telegraph, Britons spent around £7...

12 June 2016

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