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Soft Asset Finance: Funding for the equipment your business depends on

How we find funding solutions for the vital business assets most lenders can't cover.


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Essential assets

  • Fund the assets most lenders cannot
  • Rates from 6%
  • No capital costs
  • Reduced demand on cashflow

Cost effective

  • Funding secured on the asset
  • Adverse Credit – no problem
  • Giving you the assets you need
  • Funding can be available quickly


  • Ideal for growing businesses
  • Competitive rates
  • Most business assets suitable
  • Flexible arrangements

Talk to Rangewell – the business finance experts

Most lenders can't provide funding for soft assets - the key items that are vital for your business. We search the entire market to find lenders who can.

Your business probably takes soft assets for granted - but it can’t work without them.

Your soft assets include your IT and Communications equipment, your software, your security equipment, telecoms and video conferencing equipment, furniture & fittings, and office equipment. There are many more examples throughout your business.

They might represent a large investment and substantial capital cost, but they may not have a large resale value. Because of this, it can be difficult to get the funding you need for soft assets through conventional asset funding schemes.

At Rangewell we have the solution. By working with specialist funding suppliers we can provide cost-effective leasing and hire purchase arrangements for your soft assets.

It can mean a better equipped, more efficient business - and save you money.

Discover Soft Asset Finance

Soft Asset finance can provide an effective answer to your needs for all the incidental items that go to equip your business.

It works like conventional asset finance, allowing you to obtain the items you need for your business and to spread the cost, with either hire purchase or lease arrangements. The funding is secured by the assets themselves, which means that if you fail to keep up repayments, the lender will only repossess the assets to cover their costs. This reduces the risk to the lender which, in turn, means reduced rates for you.

To be suitable for soft asset finance, assets must have a minimum economic life of 3 years and have a secondary market value, which will allow the asset to be resold if necessary.

Assets must have a unique identifier, such as a serial number permanently attached.

IT and Communications equipment

Technology evolves rapidly. Your business must have the latest tools to remain competitive - or even to work with other businesses who are using the latest software versions. Remember, PCs more than three years old are responsible for approximately 40% more downtime than newer machines. Most large corporations recognise this and replace them before the three-year limit is reached, and you can’t afford to compromise on your IT hardware, either, when you want to finance new assets.

Software is also important. Your business needs to licence an operating system and each user and may need specialist software for HR and sales. These can represent considerable additional costs - which, again, can be hard to finance under traditional asset finance plans.

Soft Asset finance recognises this rapid obsolescence and provides a solution funding based on a high purchase cost and a short period of ownership.

IT equipment suitable for soft asset finance includes:

  • Laptops and handhelds
  • Servers
  • Software
  • Printers
  • Storage
  • Specialised hardware - CAD/CAM and image rendering equipment
  • Duplicators
  • Printers
  • Electronic point of sale
  • Phone systems
  • Voice and data
  • Video conferencing
  • Datacomms

Security equipment

Any business which holds cash or stock, or which works with valuable IT or tools, is at risk of theft and every business is at risk of malicious vandalism. Security equipment is vital for deterring criminal activity and protecting your business, staff and premises, and may even be stipulated by your insurance providers.  

The equipment you need will vary according to your business. It can vary from simple alarms and intruder detection to sophisticated zoned access control and complete manned CCTV installations covering your entire premises.

Security equipment suitable for Soft Asset finance includes:

  • Alarm systems
  • Fire systems
  • Access controls
  • CCTV

Furniture and office equipment

Furniture and fittings are vital to make the most of your business space and help your staff get down to work.

A smart, stylish and comfortable office space can deliver huge rewards by boosting employee morale and impressing clients. You may also need to consider air conditioning, heating or dehumidifiers to create your optimum working environment.

Office equipment suitable for soft asset finance includes:

  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Cabinets
  • Air conditioning units
  • Heaters
  • Carpet tiles

What are your soft asset needs?

If your business needs equipment of any kind, from hand tools to installed machinery or furniture, it may be suitable for soft asset finance. If you are in doubt, simply call us to discuss its suitability for this new type of business funding. 

Lease Finance or Hire Purchase?

Soft Asset Finance provides a range of funding solutions. They include Hire Purchase, which lets you acquire an asset right away and spread the costs in instalments over an agreed period of up to 5 years.

It also provides several leasing solutions. It means you’re protected from equipment depreciating in value or being outdated by technological innovations. Instead, your business can simply update to the latest technology or the latest style for every item you work with.

There are several types of leasing arrangements with particular benefits for IT needs:

Contract Hire

Contract Hire can provide turnkey solutions ideal for IT installations, incorporating ongoing support, maintenance and licence upgrades with the initial purchase.

Finance Lease

With a Finance Lease, the equipment you need is hired to you by the finance company and remains their property. Monthly payments and interest rates are fixed for the duration of the contract - and although you do not own the equipment, you may receive a proportion of any value when the assets are sold at the end of the agreement.

Sale & Leaseback  

Sale & Leaseback, or soft asset refinance, can release the value tied up your existing business investments and allow you to use it elsewhere in your business. The finance provider can buy your assets, providing you with cash and lease it back to you, or sell it back to you under an HP agreement.


  • Help arrange funding for a fintech startup that needed a complete office installation

  • Find the most competitive funding arrangement to equip a nationwide sales team with laptops and VPN

  • Find finance to allow a vet to lease a security system, protecting premises, vehicles and dug storage

  • Source lease agreements for CAD/CAM systems

  • Set up soft asset finance for a restaurant, covering every items in the dining area from the carpet, to tables and chairs to cutlery

Why you need Rangewell to set up Soft Asset Finance that’s right for you

At Rangewell, our team of finance advisors is pioneering new solutions for Soft Asset Finance that are unavailable elsewhere. They can help you find the right kind of finance arrangement from these new, innovative solutions to financing new assets and equipment and even intangible asset finance.

Our service is personal – we can work with you to find Soft Asset Finance, scaled to fit your turnover and your other obligations. When you call us, we can explain the options – and find you the solutions you need.

We needed a prestige office - clients were coming in to see us and they needed to be impressed. We found that asset finance could provide the solution.
We needed equipment that didn’t have serial numbers. That usually means no asset finance of any kind. Rangewell worked to find a solution.
We fitted out our restaurant with a soft asset finance solution. We’ve got a stylish dining room that helps bring customers in.

Discover your range of finance. Every type of finance for every type of business.

Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Find Funding

Helping you build your profits

Preserve your working capital

Avoid capital investment whilst getting every piece of equipment your business needs.

What is suitable for soft asset finance?

Most business equipment can be covered by an asset finance solution. Soft asset finance helps us extend that finance into new areas.

Monthly payments to fit your budget

Your term and monthly payments can be planned to fit with your turnover. Plus, you can often arrange a funding solution to fit in with your accounting and tax needs.

Minimise costs and hassle

Leasing means you can avoid depreciation costs. You won't have the responsibility of asset disposal or re-sale.

Fixed payments

Payments are usually fixed for the term of the arrangement, letting you budget ahead in confidence.

Reduced risk to your business

If your business hits problems and you can’t keep up the repayments, the lender can recover their costs by taking the equipment. No other assets are at risk.

Download Rangewell’s independent and detailed "step by step" guide to Asset Finance

Rangewell Ebook - Download Rangewell’s independent and detailed "step by step" guide to Asset Finance
  • What is Asset Finance - and how it gives you a business advantage
  • What are the types of Asset Finance - which do you need?
  • Why not all providers are equal - finding the one that’s right for you
  • How we can help you pay less than 0%
  • The downsides to Asset Finance - and how to avoid them
  • How to arrange Asset Finance - What paperwork do you need?
  • Key terms explained
  • Can Asset Finance solutions help me with cash flow or working capital?

  • Find out about the range of asset finance options available to businesses, including Hire Purchase, operating leases and finance leases

  • What business assets qualify for second-hand or new asset finance?

  • Can I get long-term lease agreements from a leasing company?

  • How can Asset Finance options help me with purchasing second-hand goods or buying a second-hand vehicle?

  • Do I need to present my business plan or balance sheet to qualify for an equipment finance agreement?

  • Can asset finance providers help with a range of funding for businesses of all sizes - including vehicles and equipment, or even existing assets? 

  • Does the suitability of leasing agreements depend on the types of asset you're looking to lease?

  • How does Asset Finance differ from traditional bank loans?

  • Can I spread the cost over time with a Hire Purchase agreement?

  • Is it important to choose a lender who is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

  • What is Contract Hire?  

  • What are my funding options business loan for borrowing money in the short term?

  • Download our free resource for entrepreneurs and business owners looking to acquire equipment and vehicles using business finance

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You may need a specialist lender

Not all providers serve all business sectors. You may need a specialist in your area to provide the funding you need.

Your fleet could be at risk if your business hits problems

If you are unable to keep up repayments on a hire purchase or lease agreement, your fleet – a key business asset - could be at risk.

Long-term commitment

It may not be practical to pull out of a lease arrangement once set up. This could be a problem if your business grows and your equipment is no longer adequate, or if technology moves forward.

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