Land Bridging Loans

Bridging Finance can help you secure land or fund a major business deal

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Funding options


Scaled For Your Needs

  • 1 to 24 months
  • No Minimum or Maximum amounts
  • Competitive monthly rates
  • Non-status and full status


  • Bridge short-term funding gaps
  • Interest roll-up schemes
  • Adverse Credit – no problem
  • Funding can be available in 5 – 7 business days

Lending Secured On Land

  • Can be used to buy any type of plot
  • Up to 100% Loan to Value available for refinance
  • Land or premises purchase up to 70% of value
  • Acquisition for development

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Bridging Finance can help you secure land or fund a major business deal. We know the Bridging Finance providers that can provide the high level funding you need, fast.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

Bridging Finance for land is a type of specialist short-term finance used to purchase or refinance land, fast

A Bridging Loan is a product which gives you the purchasing power of a mortgage and the speed and flexibility of a personal loan. It can mean being able to access large sums of money without waiting for weeks for funds to become available. 

It is because of this flexibility that Bridging Loans can be used to secure and purchase an asset quickly. Most Bridging Loans are secured against residential or commercial property, and the loan can be used to buy the property itself, or to fund any other business purpose.

A Land Bridge, or Land Bridging Loan, is a special kind of bridge which is secured against land.

Unimproved land - with no buildings - may actually be difficult to raise funds on. Its value will increase if it has planning permission.

A Land Bridge, however, may be used as a short-term solution to help you buy the land while planning permission is obtained.

Once planning permission is granted, this product then allows you to refinance with Development Finance or a similar product. This can reflect the increase in value of the land because of the planning permission and can allow you to raise extra funding to finance the build as well as the land.

How much will a Land Bridge cost?

The cost of providing a Land Bridge will depend on a number of factors - the location of the plot, its current value, and its value once the relevant planning permission is secured will all be taken into account.

If the land has no planning agreed, a rate of 1.25%-1.5% per month might be appropriate.

Rates will be lower if the land already has planning permission. 

If the land has the relevant planning permission to build on and the location is deemed to be good, you could expect to pay a rate of around 0.95% per month.

Additionally to the monthly cost of the interest, lenders will charge a lender arrangement fee, which is a fee for setting up the loan. This is usually between 1.5% and 2% of the total loan amount, although this is sometimes discounted to as low as 1%, especially on larger loans.

Bridging Loans have a relatively high cost and are intended to be repaid quickly, either by the sale of the property or by refinancing with another finance product designed for the long-term, such as a mortgage. They usually can cover around 70% of the total value of the property or land they are secured on.

A Bridging Loan can be arranged fast

Bridging Loans are intended to let you deal with urgent funding needs or to take advantage of business opportunities that have to be dealt with fast. All Bridging Loans can be set up within a matter of hours, and funds released in as little as 72 hours, under certain conditions.

Why you need Rangewell to set up a Land Bridge

While there are many lenders who may be prepared to offer funding which is secured on property, Bridging Finance is rather more specialised. 

There are a number of lenders who can offer Land Bridges, but each has their own approach to interest rates and fee arrangements.

At Rangewell, we know which lenders are able to offer business Bridging Finance, and we use our expertise to identify the deal that really is the most appropriate for you and your business' needs. Our knowledge can not only help you secure the funding you need for your development project - it can save you a great deal of cash.

Remember, Bridging Loans are designed for short-term use. We not only have the expertise to help you use them as a tactical source of funding for the short-term, but we can work to find the most competitive source of long-term funding to replace them.

Our knowledge of funding solutions for the property sector - from High Value Bridging Loans to rural land purchase at short notice - can be an important asset for your business. Call us to find out more.

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Helping you build your profits

  • For property professionals
    Professional developers use Land Bridging Finance as part of their overall funding.
  • For businesses with property needs
    Land Bridging Loans can provide help to support all types of property acquisitions.
  • Funding for any purpose
    Securing funds on your land can help you raise cash for use in other areas of your business.
  • For development
    Land bridges are a funding solution for development projects which can be refinanced at a higher value once work is completed.
  • A fast application
    Bridging providers will look at your credit profile and the value of the asset, along with your exit strategy, in order to make a decision in the shortest possible time.
  • A single repayment
    In most cases, all fees, interest and charges can be rolled up into a single repayment made at the end of the loan term, when an alternative fund source has been arranged.

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Guarantees and security

Key Terms to check

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Do I need an exit strategy in place before applying for Bridging Finance?

Does my company have to be limited, registered in England and have a Companies House registration number to be eligible for business finance?

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You need to know how you will repayIt is essential to have a clear exit strategy to ensure the loan can be repaid to avoid paying high penalty interest rates.
Some Bridging Finance may require a regulated lenderIt is not always essential to use an FCA registered lender. Many reputable Bridging Lenders are members of the Association of Short Term Lenders, a self-regulating body which operates a strict code of conduct. Getting an expert view of which lender to use is essential.
Your property may be at riskYou should remember that a Bridging Loan works like a mortgage and property may be at risk if the loan repayments are not kept up to date.

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