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Buy now, pay later for businesses

Don’t allow opportunities to pass you by due to a lack of sufficient cash flow. We can help you arrange immediate funding on a buy now, pay later basis.

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The concept of buy now, pay later may have risen to prominence in the retail sector, but it’s one that has just as much relevance to businesses. A business lender can purchase an asset or pay a bill on your behalf and then you’ll pay them back over an agreed term, which is often 12 months but can be adjusted to suit your requirements.  

This type of short-term finance can help you capitalise on opportunities and prevent issues before they can spiral out of control. Lenders may be able to pay for your unexpected bills or help you acquire stock from overseas, which you can then resell free of the restrictions associated with more rigid loan structures like asset finance. 

Unlike the consumer equivalent, buy now, pay later arrangements for businesses are not fixed in their rates or terms. Work with Rangewell and we’ll help you find the best deal to get you the capital you need at the most affordable rate – all at no cost to you.

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Why use buy now, pay later finance?

Finance for resellers

Whilst other forms of lending such as asset finance can be used to acquire equipment and spread repayments through a lease-style agreement, they impose limitations on the terms of your ownership that impact your ability to resell them. 

For some businesses that rely on purchasing stock or assets and then reselling them for profit, buy now, pay later finance is more suitable and allows you to acquire assets and enhance/modify/resell them in any way you wish,. 

Purchase assets from overseas

Asset finance agreements typically don’t support overseas stock acquisition. To get equipment from overseas, you’ll need to pay cash. Buy now, pay later lenders will grant you the money you need to make the purchase and spread the cost across an agreed timeframe 

Pay unexpected bills 

Businesses often face unexpected bills or surprise shortfalls in cash flow, which can lead to major disruptions that can create an unassailable build-up of added costs or delays. Fortunately, buy now, pay later lenders will pay the bill and allow you to make monthly repayments to help you regain control over your cash flow.  

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When it comes to arranging finance, the rates and terms offered will depend on your own business, credit history and your choice of lender. Rangewell can help you get the best possible deal by walking you through your application and directing you to the right lender, then negotiating on your behalf to ensure your buy now, pay later agreement suits your needs. 

When it comes to business finance, don’t risk going it alone – have an expert team on your side by speaking to us before you approach any lenders. 

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