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  • For businesses supplying businesses
  • Funding keeps pace with business
  • Ideal for funding growth
  • Funds available on invoicing

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  • Automatic repayment
  • Provide funds for any purpose
  • Buy in stock
  • Ideal for start-ups

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  • Reduce overall costs
  • Preferential rates
  • Support your entire supply chain
  • Maximise cash available

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Every business has a supply chain. It can be a local supplier - or a web of suppliers all over the world. Keeping goods moving along the chain means major costs - unless you have a Supply Chain Finance arrangement.

Working capital is critical to every business. A long supply chain - and especially an international supply chain - ties up a great deal of working capital. Having to pay for supplies that may not reach you for weeks or months can mean a major cost, and the costs escalate every time gets higher when economic, political or environmental problems mean delays.

Supply Chain Finance can provide the solution.

What is Supply Chain Finance?

A supply chain is a succession of businesses that depend on each other. Your business can’t function without its suppliers and your customers can’t function without you.

Cashflow problems occur when your supply chain doesn’t function properly. If you’re supplying a business that pays you in ninety days but you have to pay your supplier in thirty days, there are sixty days where you’re in deficit. If this is a big-ticket contract you can run into big trouble. Supply Chain Finance, or Reverse Factoring, is a way to increase your access to working capital and reduce your supply chain risk. It can let you cut costs, increase supplier payment terms and get paid early.

It provides an external source of funding that optimises cash flow by allowing buyers to extend supplier payment terms, freeing up cash that would otherwise be trapped inside the supply chain.

Buyers can use increased cash flow to drive additional growth. Suppliers have the option to get paid early, typically as soon as an invoice has been approved by a buyer.

An Invoice Discount arrangement could provide an answer. Supply Chain Finance can provide a better one.

How it works

Supply Chain Finance pays you 100% of your invoices as cash, less a small discount. This can be provided as quickly as 24 hours after your customer has approved your invoice. It’s as if your customer has paid you cash, and there is no risk of comeback from the lender.

If you’ve previously used Invoice Discounting, you know lenders will typically provide between 75% and 85% of your unpaid invoices - but if your customer does not pay, they will demand the money back from you. The money is simply an advance against an unpaid invoice, a debt that your business remains responsible for.

The disadvantages don't stop there. The charges that apply with Invoice Discounting are high. Set-up costs, annual charges and invoice costs can add up to a major drain on your profitability.

When you use Supply Chain Funding you have just one simple fee. This is a small discount from your payment, and the rest of the money is yours - exactly as if you had been paid by your customer.

Supply Chain Funding helps ensure that businesses pay on time and get paid on time. It's fairer for everybody - and its simple to use:

  1. Supplier submits an invoice to the buyer.
  2. Buyer approves the invoice.
  3. Supplier selects invoices for early payment.
  4. Funder receives and processes request and provides payment to the supplier. Transfer is made electronically.
  5. Once the invoice has matured, the buyer will pay the funder.

Supply Chain Funding helps your business:

Take on more work

Many SME owners turn down big projects because of the uncertainty involved in funding. Supply Chain Funding eliminates the risk of not getting paid.


Having funds available means that you can afford to take on new contracts and build your business.

Work internationally

Working across global markets can help you make the most of your business, but it means costs and risks. Supply Chain Funding eliminates the risks, and lets you take advantage of a global supply chain - and markets.

Why you need Rangewell to set up Supply Chain Finance that’s right for you

At Rangewell, we help businesses of all kinds - agricultural, transport, construction, manufacturing, scientific and medical - find the cashflow finance solutions they need.

We know that there are many funding providers - but that not all of them will be able to offer you the most competitive deal.

Our Finance experts can help you find the right kind of finance arrangement, the lenders who work in your sector, and the most competitive deals. By searching across the entire market, to find the plans that are right for your business needs.

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Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

  • Avoid the danger of late payments
    Avoiding the delay between outlay and payment helps you stay afloat in stormy markets.
  • Enable growth
    With cash to invest in the growth of your business, you can take on new orders.
  • Work internationally
    You can take on international business, with both suppliers and customers from global markets.
  • Protection against bad debt
    Bad debt protection is part of a Supply Chain Finance agreement - you will not suffer if a customer fails to pay.
  • Increase your business agility
    Having readily available cash means you can seize opportunities and buy materials when the price is right.
  • Cash control
    Many providers offer credit control services - professional but firm experts who will chase up payments on your behalf.

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Key terms explained

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What other financing solutions may be more appropriate? 

What about supplier finance? 

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Does both the buyer and supplier's credit rating affect the agreement?

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How long does the invoiced amount take to be approved by the buyer/lender? 

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Does it still work with a global supply chain or large corporations?

Can I request the invoice amount to the supplier in real time?

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Not all businesses will be suitable Supply Chain finance may not be available for all types of business. Call us to discuss whether a particular solution could be suitable for your needs.
Supply Chain Finance may be costlyThe provider will charge a fee which becomes an additional cost to the company. Some forms of Supply Chain finance may be expensive.
Supply Chain finance is a new solution Some businesses may not be familiar with Supply Chain Finance and may be reluctant to adopt it.

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