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Buying land without planning permission in the hope that it will be given is a gamble - but there are ways to provide the necessary funds.

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Buying land without planning permission

The difference between a field, with little or no value, and a building plot which can be the basis of a rewarding investment is planning permission.

The planning process in the UK is a long and difficult process, but it does offer the potential for profit. If you buy a piece of land that has no building permission in place, its cost will be low.

If you then are able to arrange planning permission, the value of the land will rocket immediately. A small plot for a single home could be worth £100,000 or more in some locations, and if you have enough land and permission to build a small estate, major developers may compete with each other to buy the land from you - or you may be able to build on it yourself.

However, securing the planning permission will inevitably be a gamble.

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Sellers may suggest that planning permission will be granted simply to help it sell - however, there may be times when a plot of land without planning permission could be worth investing in, but it will require a little extra work from you. If you can approach the local authority and discuss outline planning permission, or simply the masterplan for the area, you may be able to determine whether planning permission is ever likely to be granted.

However, it isn't necessary for you to own the land in order to apply for planning permission on it. If there was once planning permission in place, but it has expired due to it not being actioned, you can contact the planning department. Ask them if there is any reason why the planning permission can't be renewed. 

If you are looking to buy a piece of land without planning permission, you can even secure planning permission prior to completing your purchase. This is possible because the planning permission is secured with the land and not the applicant. You could even consider entering an option agreement with the seller that compels them to sell the land to you only if you are able to attain planning approval.

But you may face another challenge. Securing the funding to buy the land.

Land with planning permission has a clear value. Land without it has very little, and consequently lenders will be reluctant to lend to you under the usual commercial arrangements. 

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The solution is to use Pre-Planning Development Finance

Pre-planning development finance has been developed by a small number of lenders for experienced developers who are looking to buy land which they believe it will be possible to secure planning permission for.

It  can also be used when developers need to enhance their planning permission before their development commences.

The security for pre-planning development finance can be residential, commercial or unimproved land. However, the end planning consent must be residential.

Pre-planning development finance could help you get planning permission before you own the land that you intend to develop on, and can help to minimise the time it takes for you to start your development project.  

At Rangewell, we know lenders who can provide any scale of pre-planning development finance, and help you move onto full development finance once planning is in place.

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Property investment solutions from Rangewell

All types of property investment involves high costs and it is important to have expert help to get the kind of funding that is right for your investment plans. Even a fraction of a percentage point can make a substantial difference to what you will actually face as repayment, while fees and penalties can complicate the position still further. There are many different lenders who may be prepared to offer funding. Each has their own approach to interest rates and fee arrangements and comparing them may require expert knowledge.

At Rangewell, we work with lenders across the market - and we can call on the expert knowledge you need. It lets us ensure that you have the financial solutions you need. Our knowledge can not only help you secure the funding you need - it can save you a great deal of cash.


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