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Fund management buy-outs and buy-ins with support from finance experts, Rangewell.

Management buy-outs and buy-ins need capital. We can secure it for you.  

Whether you're buying out or in, you'll need cash to make it happen. Both MBO and MBI processes necessitate finance and here at Rangewell, that's exactly what we can help you with. We're specialists in supporting businesses through their mergers and acquisitions processes by negotiating finance on your behalf. 

Management buy-outs may involve an individual or a team, both of which mean approaching specific types of lending agreements. You'll need to find a lender willing to offer a loan that meets your funding needs but doesn't hamstring you with overly restrictive terms. Rangewell can negotiate on your behalf - whether you're an individual or a group. 

Buy-ins, which see an external management team take over the existing one, also need funding to occur. The external team will need to showcase their business plan and competencies to a lender to reduce the perceived risk and secure a loan. 

With lots to consider in terms of how the loan is offered, which lender is best to support you and even how your own MBO/MBI approach is structured, Rangewell is here to help. Take a look at the advice and guides below, or click contact us to discuss your goals directly. 

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Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.


From the overall logistics of funding MBO/MBI processes to wider mergers and acquisition topics, we've got a range of guides built to help people like you make the purchase you want. 

How Is An Employee Ownership Trust Funded

How Is An Employee Ownership Trust Funded

Get finance to fund the purchase, sale or expansion of an employee ownership trust with Rangewell’s expert finance...

5 December 2022

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