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Whether you're buying or transferring ownership of agricultural land, Rangewell provide the funding, flexibility and expertise you need

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Funding options


Cost effective

  • Commercial mortgages from 2% above base rate
  • Agricultural mortgages
  • Bridging loans
  • Auction finance

Designed around your needs

  • Can be part of 'jigsaw' funding designed around your needs
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual repayments
  • Tailored around your cashflow
  • An adverse credit history need not be a problem


  • Repayment and interest only available
  • All types of land
  • Buildings as well as land
  • Refinance existing property assets

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farmers have been borrowing to buy land for generations, but the old lenders, like banks may no longer be able to help. At Rangewell we know the lenders who are, and our of team business finance experts have the contacts and sector knowledge to help find the funding that is right for you

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

Agricultural Land looks set to increase in value as the pressure for home food production increases. Buying land may be an investment - it could certainly help you build your farming business

The agricultural sector plays a key aspect in the UK economy. The potential of the sector may grow as Britain seeks to re-establish home food production outside the EU.

Because farming has come under intense financial pressure many farmers have looked at expansion to drive efficiency, and diversification as ways to maintain profitability.

As an agricultural business owner, whether farmer or contractor, your profitability depends on many factors – but chief among them is the need to acquire land to work.

If you are ready to buy land, you may find that your options are limited. Your current banker may be a great source for funding for conventional business expenses. But to get the best deal on the funding you need, you must be able to call on a lender that understands rural property, cashflows within the industry, the cycles and current real estate values.

Funding can also be arranged to consolidate an existing loan or mortgage, or buy out a relative or partner about to retire, in order to attain a more favourable financing structure.

Land Purchase Finance is the most common method to fund new land purchases, but because of the specialised nature of the farming business, many lenders will be unable to help. At Rangewell, we can help you find those that are.

Your funding options

We can provide a number of solutions for the purchase of agricultural land. These include:

  • Agricultural Mortgages
  • Commercial Mortgages
  • Commercial Remortgages
  • Tenant Farmers Loans

Agricultural Mortgages - Finance for land and buildings

An Agricultural Mortgage is designed to help farmers buy farmland, farm buildings or improve your existing farm properties. They are a specialised loan product, with the loan secured by the land itself. They are used to finance the purchasing of a farm, a farm building or a farming enterprise of some kind. A farm mortgage can also fund improvements or extensions to existing farm properties or associated land.

You can usually borrow up to 80% of the value of farm buildings or land, Choose repayment terms between five and 30 years and interest rates that can be fixed or variable. Repayments can be arranged to fit your business cash flow, either monthly, quarterly or annually. If your business plans change, you can extend the term of your loan, subject to approval.

Loans can even pass from generation to generation – helping you build a farming business not just for yourself, but for your family in the years to come.

There will be valuation, arrangement and legal fees to consider. There can also be additional costs for the services of professional advisors – but you have a commercially sound proposition, we may be able to help you arrange the Agricultural Mortgage you need.

Contact us to find out more about Agricultural Mortgages.

Raising funds with a Commercial Mortgage

If you already own your farm premises, a Commercial Mortgage might be a cost-effective way to raise funds to buy additional land. By taking out a loan on property and land you already own, you can raise considerable funds.  A farm mortgage can also be arranged to consolidate an existing loan or mortgage, or buy out a relative or partner about to retire, in order to attain a more favourable financing structure.

Get our help in finding the most competitive lender.

Buying agricultural property with a Commercial Mortgage

A Commercial Mortgage is often used for buying business premises – but it is possible to set up a Commercial Mortgage for agricultural land with associated buildings. These operate much like a residential mortgage, with a large loan secured on the property itself.

Generally, Commercial Mortgages are for 15 years or more, and, as with a residential mortgage, the premises will be at risk if you are unable to keep up your repayments

Unlike a residential mortgage, the rates for a Commercial Mortgage are arranged on an individual basis. Lenders will look at your business, your accounts and projections to ensure that it has a future and set interest rates based on the level of risk they believe it presents.

Because of the legal and administrative costs, it is uneconomic to borrow less than £50,000 with a commercial mortgage, and some lenders have a minimum of £75,000 or more, but there is no set upper limit.

Find out more about Commercial Mortgages.

Alternative lending options

If you need more flexibility about how much you pay back and when, we can provide a wide range of running options, include loans form alternative lenders with a flexible approach to you your funding needs.

Tenant Farmers Loans

Buying your farm tenancy can be a sound business idea and one that some landlords are increasingly becoming receptive too.

It can be easier than you think, thanks to a growing difference between the value of tenanted and freehold land – which can save you money when you come to buy out your tenancy.

You can borrow up to 60% of the full value of freehold land, which your tenanted farm will become on completion of the sale. By taking into account other assets such as your equipment and your house, you may well be eligible for a mortgage.

We can help you set up a mortgage with fixed or variable rates of interest, and interest only or repayment options repaid monthly, quarterly or half-yearly on dates which suit the cash flow of your business.

Loans can last for up to 30 years and can pass from generation to generation, so don’t need to be repaid if the borrower dies.

Contact us to find out more about lending to help tenant farmers buy their farms.

Agricultural lending with poor credit history

We work harder to find you the finance you need. So even if you have a poor credit history, no proof of income, or have defaults, CCJs or bankruptcy we can still help you find the answers you need to help you grow your farming business.

How we help you capitalise your farming business

At Rangewell we work across the entire lending industry, and we have finance experts have personal experience in the needs of the agricultural sector.

That means we can provide a unique service. We will help you to find the most appropriate funding from lenders across the market – from established high street banks to alternative funding suppliers. Our specialist teams, experienced staff and land agents can give you all the help you need to develop a proposal and choose the right loan. We can even help with rural land purchase at short notice or even the finance to diversify your farming business.

Call us to arrange a confidential, no-obligation, no-cost discussion that could set you on the path to owning your own farm.

Discover our range of finances

Every type of finance for every type of business

Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

  • Long-term funding
    The cost of your land purchase can be spread over years, or even over generations.
  • Raising funds
    Buying land provides a valuable asset for the future, an asset that can help you raise further funding.
  • Low fixed monthly payments
    Lending is secured on the land itself, so interest costs and your monthly repayments can be reduced.
  • Drive efficiency
    If you need additional land to farm efficiently, we can find ways to provide it.
  • Terms to suit your plans
    Mortgage arrangements are flexible, and can be designed around your cashflow and other commitments.
  • Buying your tenancy
    If you are a tenant farmer, we can provide solutions which could let you own your land.

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Getting the right funding arrangement is essentialThere are many forms of business finance available. Getting the most appropriate type for your particular needs is essential to avoid excessive costs.
Long term commitmentBuying land is a long term financial commitment, that may cause problems for your business if your plans change.
Your property may be at riskAny property used as security, which may include your home, may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage. Agricultural Mortgages are subject to application and status.

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