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Funding options


Asset Finance

  • Spread the cost of any equipment
  • Use the latest technology
  • Buy with monthly payments
  • Lease with no upfront cost

GP practice finance

  • Deal with overheads
  • Pay staff
  • Support your cashflow
  • Bring in patients

Property finance

  • Rates from 2% over base rate
  • Terms up to 20 years
  • £50,000 – No Maximum
  • Up to 80% Loan to Value available

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Your medical practice is also a business, and every business needs financial support. At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - including 100% finance for many needs.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

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Medical Practice Loans: Business Finance For Doctors

Whether you are working with NHS funding or are running a private practice as a consultant, getting the right financial solutions can be essential

Medical practices face a complex funding structure that often necessitates supplementary finance that can support growth. Rangewell can help new practices and established surgeries arrange medical practice financing to suit any requirement. 

Table of Contents

The UK's medical sector is growing exponentially, with more and more operators seeking medical practice loans to help sustain growth and meet rising demand. At Rangewell, we help doctors and other medical professionals build, expand or equip their practices by arranging suitable medical loan financing. 

Finance supports the growing medical industry

Health research studies conducted by the UK Private Health Advice in 2008 said that the amount people spent on personal health care was £520 billion. The income for the private health care sector was around £3.2 billion. 

Recent statistics show that back in 2018, the private healthcare industry in the UK was about £11.8 billion, and that figure is expected to grow to around £13 million by the end of 2023. 

When looking at these figures, it's understandable why the medical industry is a lucrative one to be involved in. 

If you're thinking about developing a medical practice, health services business or other type of healthcare facility, you may need to access private finance to fund the venture. There are many different loans for medical practice startups available, but choosing the right lender and package to suit your requirements is vital to your ongoing success. Opting for a poorly-fitting loan arrangement can lead to financial difficulties and hampered growth, so it's vital you get things right. 

If you're considering starting a medical practice or want to grow your existing one, speak to Rangewell today. Our team acts as a third-party between you and the lender, helping to guide you through the lender's market, understand each type of loan arrangement and negotiate on your behalf to secure the best terms. 

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What are medical practice loans?

A medical practice loan is a form of lending designed to provide physicians and health specialists the finance they need to build or expand the business.

Depending on the loan, you can use this loan for a range of different needs, including ongoing operating costs, purchasing new equipment, acquiring an existing practice from a competitor or the open market, or even starting a new practice.

When looking for medical financing companies, however, you may be confused by which lenders offer tailored support in your sector. We can help you make the best choice, opting only for lenders with demonstrable experience in the healthcare sector. 

What medical loan options are available for doctors?

As a medical entrepreneur just entering the market or an SME looking to expand, you can investigate various options for your medical practice. Below are a few options that may or may not suit your needs.

Secured bank loans 

Traditional bank loans may be able to offer practice loans to businesses that can meet their strict criteria. However, it can be challenging to qualify for medical practice funding, especially in the first stages. Getting a lower interest rate and a higher amount may prove challenging.

Still, for the entrepreneur who is only just starting out, getting a high credit score may be impossible, which is essential for security against the loan. If this is your situation, you may still be able to seek a loan -- but it will demand asset-based securities such as your home. Business loans for doctors can therefore be treated more as personal loans in which you will need to offer security from your personal assets. 


By advertising your desire to start up a medical or healthcare practice on crowdfunding websites, you'll potentially wait for months or years for the funds to be gathered. In many instances, the project won't be funded at all. Crowdfunding tends to be an unreliable method of funding for medical professionals, though it does have value in more niche areas such as a new technology launch. 

Private investors

Seeking out a private investor is an excellent way to get medical funding. While you can often get the funds you need quickly, investors will often want to have a personal stake in the business. In the medical sector, where patient care and compliance is such an important consideration, allowing an outside influence into the operations of your practice is not ideal.

Business credit cards and overdrafts

If you're struggling to get a bank loan, then you might be able to access a business credit card or an overdraft facility. Most credit cards will have a limit on how much can be withdrawn, and often credit cards and overdraft facilities have limitations and high-interest rates.  

Better business loans for medical facilities

As you can tell from the list above, many of the less traditional financing approaches don't work well for the healthcare sector.

Turning to private lenders such as banks and specialist independents is a good idea, but only if you understand how financing medical practices works so you can identify the right options.

At Rangewell, we can offer you brokered business loans for your medical practice. In addition, we offer unsecured loans, so you won't be required to secure the funding you receive against any collateral.

Opting for an unsecured business loan may suit smaller businesses that are just starting out. These loans can provide you with the extra support and flexibility you need as you build your practice. 

Conversely, as an established practice, raising an unsecured loan can help you plug gaps in funding and ensure all operating and management costs are fulfilled.

Medical practice commercial loans are designed to help medical businesses grow. Whether that's buying new equipment, recruiting staff or acquiring a competitor's practice, lenders want to see evidence of a forward-thinking practice that can improve profitability and reliably repay their loan.

Here at Rangewell, our team can help you plan out your application to demonstrate this capacity and subsequently receive better loan terms and rates. 

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What can a business loan be used for?

Whether you are already working in private medical practice or considering setting up your own surgery or specialised clinic, we can help you find the right type of funding option to:

  • Buy an existing practice
  • Set up a new practice
  • Acquire premises
  • Acquire equipment and assets
  • Provide working capital and finance growth
  • Deal with tax

Loans to buy a medical practice or become a partner

Buying into an existing practice as a partner, or buying it outright from a retiring partner, generally requires a substantial investment. Before making an offer, you must determine the value of the practice itself. It's important to assess the overall performance of the business to understand its current value. The patient base, the premises and equipment, and the value of any NHS contract need to be understood and assessed before you negotiate.

Medical financing companies will seek to verify this valuation with their own independent assessment, so the more accurate you can be, the more likely you are to receive the finance you need. 

We can help you arrange a number of solutions to let you buy into an established practice. A Secured Loan is one answer, with the security provided by the practice itself. Another alternative may be a Partner Equity Loan. This can take the form of an interest-only loan with a term of up to 25 years, which can be the most cost-efficient way to buy into a practice.

If you are thinking of buying into a large practice, you may need to do so as a partner - or buy out a partner who may be retiring. Buy in and Buyout finance recognises the challenges and provides GP practice funding tailored to help you make full use of the opportunity.

Setting up a new doctor's practice

As a doctor, setting up your own practice will carry some substantial costs. From initial purchases to ongoing operating costs, you may need finance to help provide the cashflow needed for you to achieve your goals. 

The first cost you'll face is that of the premises itself.  Most practices are purchased with a rental agreement that must be repaid for several years. There may also be substantial equipment costs, depending on your speciality. You'll also have staff and operating costs to provide for. A receptionist will be essential, and you are likely to need an assistant. Electricity and business rates will have to be paid for.

Remember, simply opening the door for business will not bring in patients. You will need funding while you become established and build a patient list. Once you've established the practice, you may be able to secure public funding - but private finance is always an option to help you bolster cashflow and make new investments. 

If the practice starts poorly, you may need to borrow working capital to keep your practice running until it becomes profitable, which could mean having months of operating expenses to cover. In all of these cases, medical practice finance can help you. 

Funding for large facilities

If you are looking at the costs of setting up a large clinic or small private hospital, you may be looking at funding of several million pounds. At Rangewell, we are experienced in large-scale development and medical funding, meaning no loan requirement is too much. We can help you find lenders that will meet the level of funding you need, negotiate an agreement, field offers and guide you to the best choice for your practice's ongoing success. 

Contact us to find out more about funding for major facilities or even development finance for new buildings. 

What medical equipment can be funded?

Medical equipment is essential to successfully operating a GP practice or private clinic. Equipping your facility with the right equipment ensures you meet regulatory standards, but also enables you to provide a higher level of care. 

Medical equipment can be costly, as each practice will have specific needs and specialisms. Equipment needs may include:

  • Lighting
  • X-ray equipment
  • Diagnostic machines
  • Ultrasound equipment
  • Equipment sterilizers
  • IT equipment – from handheld devices to a centralised booking and billing system

What finance options are available for medical equipment?

Medical assets are usually highly specialised and command premium prices as a result. In many cases, this high value is a benefit for practices as it enables financing through asset funding. In our experience as medical practice financing experts, we have found that asset finance provides the most cost-effective solutions for most kinds of equipment you will use. 

Asset finance is a broad term that encapsulates different types of loans, but the basic concept is that you'll be able to purchase the asset and the lender secures the loan against the asset's value. This means, in the event of a default, the asset would be reclaimed by the lender - but it also means you don't need to offer personal security and there's less of a burden on the practice itself to prove financial performance. 

Hire Purchase

If you need equipment that you want to go on giving service for years, Hire Purchase can provide the solution. You can have up to five years to spread the costs of most types of equipment your surgery or clinic will need.


If you need the latest equipment without the cost of owning it, leasing will give you the freedom and flexibility you need. Leasing can mean that responsibility for maintenance remains with the leasing company, reducing demands on your time as well as reducing costs.

Vehicle finance

Asset finance solutions such as Contract Hire can be the most cost-effective way to provide a vehicle, which could be essential to make house calls.

Vehicle Finance could help you cut the cost of the vehicles you need.

New or used?

Good quality used equipment can be a sound investment, especially if you are setting up a new practice. However, many medical professionals miss out on the potential savings because they believe they need to find the cash to pay for it.

At Rangewell we can help you spread the cost of used as well as new equipment with Asset Finance.

Funding to buy your GP premises

If your premises is in a good location, ideally with parking and public transport nearby, the cost to purchase it may be significant. Even if you don't intend to buy the practice outright, you may need help raising the deposit on a long-term lease.

Alternatively, you might want to buy your practice with a Commercial Mortgage. Not only will buying your premises protect your practice from rent increases, but it could also provide you with a valuable asset.

Commercial Property Finance is arranged on an individual basis. A Commercial Mortgage could help you find solutions, whether you want to acquire your existing medical premises from your landlord or look at developing a new one in a different location.

Running and growing costs for your medical practice

Your existing practice will have ongoing costs that you need to deal with. You may want to refurbish your premises, for example, or buy smaller pieces of equipment. You might want to fund growth, take on staff or set up a treatment room for a junior practitioner. You might also need to deal with more cash flow issues, especially in the early stages of a new practice.

Lenders offer a variety of different loan types which can suit these needs. Medical practice commercial loans include options such as:

Practice Loans

This type of lending recognises your status as a doctor and does not require security. It can provide a relatively high level of funding at a preferential rate of interest, which you may use for any purpose connected with your practice. Extending or refurbishing your practice, taking on staff, training or acquiring a competitor, or bringing in facilities to allow you to offer new treatments, such as cosmetic work can all be made easier to afford.

Practice loans can be used for many purposes including:

  • Refurbishment
  • Capital injection
  • Buy-ins
  • Cashflow support

Find out more by contacting us.

Arrange a practice loan

Leverage your status as a GP

Tax loans

Large quarterly VAT bills or annual tax demands can cause problems with your cash flow, particularly when that falls at the same time as other costs.

VAT and Tax Loans for doctors help you to spread the cost of your tax demands into affordable monthly payments, ensuring that your practice does not have to go through cashflow difficulties because of a minor tax liability.

Speak to our team to discuss how a tax loan can mean better cash flow control, allowing for fixed monthly payments for ongoing visibility over your finances. 

Working Capital Finance

Working Capital Finance is designed to boost the working capital available to a business. It's often used to provide cash to pay staff during the early weeks and months of opening a practice or during a period of growth. It is designed to be repaid in the short- to medium-term.

Growth Finance

Large-scale finance can be vital if you have major plans for your practice, such as acquiring a competitor. Growth Finance is a special type of funding designed to fund your growth plans.

Even if your practice does not have an established profit record that lenders usually require, we can help you find solutions from medical financing companies across the UK. 

Ambitious medical practices must support their applications with a strong business plan, which we can help you put together. Get in touch with the team and ask about growth finance today. 

Goodwill Loans

Goodwill Loans for doctors, also known as Cash Outs, use the value in your business as the security for a loan, and may provide a sum comparable to your annual turnover. This type of lending is suitable for any purpose inside or outside the business. Many medical professionals use it to fund investments or property purchases.

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Why doctors choose Rangewell for their finance needs

As most doctors know, there are times when a cashflow injection can greatly improve your practice's current or future situation. Whilst your professional status can help you secure attractive rates for the funding you need, especially if you have NHS contracts, or a full patient book, not all lenders will offer the most competitive terms. 

To ensure you get the best deal possible, you need to understand the lender's market. Just as you have your medical expertise, we have in-depth insight into the entire finance market and can quickly identify the right lenders to support you with medical finance loans. We will guide you to the lenders who can offer the most competitive rates for all types of finance, then help you negotiate an offer. Available loans include:

As well as conventional loan products, we can help you find alternative funding using new loan providers and innovative funding solutions.

Whether you have a straightforward, small-scale funding need, or require a complicated ‘Jigsaw' funding plan comprising a combination of financial products, we will help you get your practice's finances in good health and ensure a more profitable future. 

Call us now to get our experts working for you.


  • Find the most competitive loan to let a small practice acquire a lease on an existing surgery

  • Arrange funding for laser equipment for a dermatologist

  • Source funding to help a doctor acquire a vehicle to provide home visits covering a wide area

  • Find the most competitive finance to allow an ENT consultant to acquire premise for his consulting room

  • Help a consultant arrange ‘jigsaw’ funding to allow her to acquire partnership in an existing practice, and provide a capital injection

Last update: 31 January 2024

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question?

How can I get a medical loan?

To find out if you're eligible for medical business funding, you'll need to check that your business is:

  • Registered in the UK
  • Have been operating for at least 6 months
  • Has a monthly turnover of at least £5,000
  • Has a business owner above the age of 18

Speak to Rangewell to find out more today! Come prepared with your practice details and we'll be able to get you started on your medical practice journey!

What credit score do I need for a medical loan?

Securing a loan with Rangewell is easier. Our brokers provide loans based on business performance and not your credit score. Even our bad credit loans can give you the support you need so that your business thrives!

Are medical loans easy to get?

Your credit rating might not be what it should be, and this means it can be hard to secure funding for your business. With traditional lenders, it will be tough for small businesses to access finance due to the strict requirements, and a poor credit rating will only make things more difficult. 

Speak to Rangwell today to understand your health care financing options. 

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