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Finance for Oil and Gas Equipment

Find the funds you need to for the equipment you need for your oil and gas operations

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Hire Purchase

  • Spread costs over 6-60 months
  • Rates from 6%
  • We can often undercut ’0%’ deals from equipment suppliers
  • Balloon payment options - reduce monthly outgoings


  • No capital requirement
  • Acquire any type of equipment
  • No upfront capital costs
  • Helps you update machinery as you need to

Large scale funding

  • Raising funds with a commercial mortgage 2% above base rate
  • Secured lending
  • ‘Jigsaw’ funding
  • Asset refinance - letting you use existing investments again

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Finding lenders who can help you fund the equipment you need in the oil and gas business can be difficult because of the sums involved. We cover the entire lending market, and our expertise and contacts let us help you find the most competitive funding for your needs.

The petroleum industry is fiercely competitive. Whether you are working upstream, midstream and downstream, success depends on having the right equipment. Securing the right equipment can depend on having access to the right kind of finance.



  • Find finance to allow a seismic exploration specialist acquire a suitable vehicles

  • Source lease agreements for a business pioneering a new remote process monitoring solution

  • Set up HP for handling equipment for a business bidding for a decommissioning contract

  • Find the most competitive funding arrangement to set up pump overhauling service

  • Find funding for handling equipment that undercuts the 0% deals offered by dealers

What oil and gas business say about finding finance with Rangewell

I needed a man rated lift. Rangewell provided the funds to buy it.
We had a new decommissioning contract, but didn’t have the machinery to let us work it. Rangewell found us the answer.
Rangewell found me the lenders who could help when we wanted to buy our biggest competitor.

Discover your range of finance. Every type of finance for every type of business.

Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Find Funding

Helping you build your profits

Tailored to your business

We can help set up funding to fit your business. Asset Finance and other types of lending can be tailored for different funding needs.

Spread the cost of equipment

You can spread equipment costs over months or years. You may not even need a deposit.

Work with the latest equipment

You can always work with the latest and most efficient machines.

Fixed cost of ownership

Leasing can avoid the maintenance costs associated with large machinery, giving you predictable costs.

Avoid depreciation

With a lease you avoid depreciation costs.. You don’t own equipment that is falling in value.

Low fixed monthly payments

You need to keep your monthly outgoings under control. We can help you match payments to your budget.

Download Rangewell’s free and detailed guide to Finance for Oil and Gas Equipment

Rangewell Ebook - Download Rangewell’s free and detailed guide to Finance for Oil and Gas Equipment
  • How you can work with equipment you can’t afford to buy

  • What are the types of finance - which is right for you?

  • How to find the right provider - why they are not all the same

  • Are there downsides to finance?

  • How to arrange Asset Finance

  • What paperwork do you need?

  • Key terms explained

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Getting the right funding is essential

Getting the most appropriate type of finance for your particular needs is essential to keep costs under control.

The costs of Asset Finance

Investing in new machinery with asset finance will mean repaying from month one. Turnover may not increase immediately, which may leave you with a cashflow issue.

Long term financial commitment

You may not be able to pull out of a finance arrangement once it has been set up.

Our service is...


Transparent and independent, treating all lenders equally, finding the best deals.


Every type of finance for every type of business from the entire market - over 300 lenders.


Specialist Finance Experts support you every step of the way.


We make no charge of any kind when we help you find the loan you need.
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