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Current Terms Available

Hire Purchase

  • HP up to 60 months
  • Balloon payment options
  • No capital requirement
  • Undercut "0% finance" deals from suppliers


  • Choice of leasing arrangements
  • Monthly, quarterly and annual payment schedules
  • Suitable for all types of agricultural equipment
  • No capital requirement


  • Up to 100% funding
  • Funds for any type of equipment
  • Lease any type of assetRefinance existing assets
  • Low rates – lending secured on assets themselves

Talk to Rangewell – the business finance experts

Many business lenders are wary of the agricultural sector. We know the entire lending market, and can help you find the lenders who can help and the most competitive rates for funding the equipment your farm depends on.

Your farm or agricultural contracting business operates to tight margins. You need to watch every cost - but you must use the right equipment.

Naturally, it can be tempting to try to get another season’s use out of tired equipment, but this can be a false economy. Older equipment will make you less productive, increase the risk of breakdowns – and mean safety issues that can lead to injury and liabilities.

Why traditional lending may not be the answer

New equipment, from tractors with full GPS positioning control to automated sprayers, can make a huge difference to your productivity.  But purchasing heavy equipment from your capital simply isn’t an option for most farmers and would leave you at a disadvantage if you need funds for an emergency. Traditional loan obligations could hang over you and put your business at risk if a crop failure means a budget shortfall.

Asset Finance

Most farmers find the solution in equipment financing and leasing. These Asset Finance solutions can be arranged around your budget, giving you the equipment you need and letting you spread the repayments.

Most agricultural equipment dealers will offer finance solutions, but getting funding from an independent finance provider can often mean getting the same equipment with big savings.

Funding may be available for:

  • Tractors
  • Trailers
  • Harvesters
  • Conveyors
  • Grain carts
  • Seeders
  • Fertiliser sprayers
  • Livestock feeders
  • Milking equipment

Asset Refinance

It may be possible to arrange finance for existing equipment, allowing you to reduce outgoings on items currently under finance, or to raise funds for use elsewhere. Call us to discuss the possibilities.

Hire Purchase or Leasing?

Both hire purchase and leasing can provide ways to finance the assets you need.

Hire purchase is the simplest form of asset finance. With HP, you can pay for the equipment you want for the long term with fixed monthly repayments over up to 5 years, letting you manage your cashflow better.

Leasing arrangements can be more appropriate for equipment that you may want to upgrade in a few years time, or which is very high cost.  With some leasing arrangements, you have the option to own your equipment outright at the end of the term, or simply return it and replace it with an updated model.

You can also decide whether you want maintenance and insurance to be included.

Making existing payments easier

If you have an existing asset finance arrangement that means high repayments, or if you want to redirect cash elsewhere in your business, we may be able to help you refinance it. A new lender will pay off what you owe under your original agreement and set up a new finance arrangement.

This can cut repayments, spread them out over a longer term, or provide you with a cash lump sum as well as a new finance agreement.

Why you need Rangewell for Asset Finance

At Rangewell, we work across the entire lending industry, while our finance experts have personal experience in the needs of the agricultural sector.

We understand the financial circumstances you work under, and the additional challenges, like seasonal incomes streams, that you face.

We put this understanding to work for you. We know the lenders who share our understanding of farming and who can offer you the most competitive rates for the manufacturing equipment finance, and the assets, from a single tractor to an automated parlour that you want.


  • Find the most competitive funding for a new combine harvester to allow a new contractor to set up

  • Help an established farmer lease a GPS equipped tractor

  • Source a lease arrangement to build grain silos

  • Find the most competitive finance to re-equip a neglected tenant farm

  • Help an established restaurant to install a robot milker, allowing a farmer to manage a 100 head herd single handed

Call us to get the equipment your farm needs

Coming to Rangewell means getting finance experts working to help you find you the most competitive funding for all your agricultural equipment needs.

That means cutting the cost of building and running your farming operation, letting you increase efficiency and more into new revenue streams.

To be sure you are getting the right asset funding solution for your farming operation, talk to our business funding experts.

We took over an extra 200 acres. On top of the price we were paying for the land we needed a new tractor with GPS to work it. We found a solution that let us have it.
We needed a robotic milker. The dealer offered 0% finance but, with Rangewell's help, we are actually paying less than that.
When I took over the family business, I knew I needed to invest in new equipment. Rangewell found me the most affordable way to get it.

Helping you build your profits

Cost-efficient funding

The cost of your equipment can be spread over months or years, depending on your budget. You may not need a deposit, you retain liquidity and, with a lease, you avoid depreciation.


Asset funding can be provided for virtually any piece of farm equipment, from sophisticated tractors and vehicles to static items, buildings and safety equipment.

Low fixed monthly payments

Lending is secured on the assets themselves, so interest costs and your monthly repayments can be reduced. Payments are usually fixed, allowing simpler cash flow management.

Using the most appropriate equipment

If you need to set up for a new crop you can have the most appropriate equipment as you need it.

A single, predictable cost

Leasing and HP payments are predictable, and you can include maintenance as part of the agreement – ensuring all costs are provided for.

Secured finance

Unlike other forms of finance, asset funding ensures that none of your other assets are at risk. If bad harvests or other downturns hit your business, the lender could recover their costs by taking the equipment.

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  • Are there downsides to asset finance?

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Your financial flexibility may be affected

Other lenders may view a long-term lease as debt. This could mean they may be less ready to advance other forms of finance.

The risk to your business

If you are unable to keep up repayments on a hire purchase or lease agreement the lender could repossess your equipment, leaving your farm without the means to work.

Specialist funding may be essential

At Rangewell we can help you find a lender who specialises in agriculture and can l understand your needs and offer the most competitive rate.

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