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Funding to help you grow your business - that brings you a wealth of expertise and contacts as well as investment

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Funding options


Expertise as well as funding

  • Reducing the cost of growth capital
  • Additional expertise behind your business
  • Close support from funding partners
  • High levels of finance available

Scaled for fast growth

  • No formal repayments
  • Individual arrangements
  • Can support rapid growth
  • Ideal for established business


  • Redemption arrangements available
  • May be first step towards listing
  • Avoids drain on cashflow
  • Ideal for innovative companies working in new fields

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Funding further growth is a challenge for any established business.

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You might have already looked at borrowing to provide a solution. But the repayment profile of borrowing may impact your ability to grow further just when your business might need it.

Growth Equity Finance can provide a solution to let you take your business to the next level. It could support your growth by giving you the resources to expand operations, enter new markets, or fund strategic acquisitions - while avoiding the need to commit to any repayment schedule.

It could also bring your business valuable additional contacts and expertise, from investors who will join in your success.

How Growth Equity Finance works

Growth Equity Finance is aimed at companies that are established with proven business models. In return for investment, you hand over a share of your business, part of the equity, to investors, who may be individuals or corporate bodies. These investors then share in the growth of your business, providing them with excellent returns, while removing the need for you to make any formal repayments, as you would with a loan.

Raising equity to fund growth makes sense if you need to grow fast to seize market share quickly, but it does mean that you will no longer have full ownership of your business. In extreme cases, this could even allow your investors to influence your decision making.

Will you lose control of your business?

Taking on shareholders could be seen as a natural progression for a growing business, and the first step towards formal listing. However, it is possible to agree on redemption arrangements as part of Growth Equity Finance agreements, which would allow you to buy out investors, returning their original investment plus a profit, regaining control and full ownership of your business.

Is Growth Equity Finance right for you?

  • Do you run a successful small company?
  • Do you have plans for growth which require a high level of investment?
  • Is there scope for more expansion in your markets?
  • Would additional funding help you to take advantage of your potential?
  • Could additional expertise, connections and facilities help your plans?

Why you need Rangewell to arrange Growth Equity Finance

If your business has reached the stage when Growth Equity Finance is the appropriate solution to your funding needs, you will need to approach individuals and institutional investors which can combine a high level of resources with expertise in your sector.

These providers will all have their own priorities, requirements, preferred sectors and approach.

Finding the right providers is essential because they will, in effect, become partners in your business.

At Rangewell, we can help identify the most appropriate potential sources of Growth Equity Finance, and shortlist those who might be most appropriate. We can introduce you and your business to our contacts, and discuss how to structure your application to stand the best chance of securing the funding you need.

Our expertise works for you. We can work with you to discuss your objectives, and help you find the potential investors who are suited to your business, your turnover and your ambitions.

Why you should call us

Every Growth Equity arrangement must be arranged on an individual basis.

We can work with you to discuss your business plan, and help find the investors who may be ready to join with you and support your growth plans, with expertise as well as funding.

Understanding the requirements of providers may be essential to integrate Growth Equity lending into your business planning. It may be valuable to discuss its potential and its implications before you develop your vision for growth. It will certainly be necessary to find investors whose attitudes and ambitions match your own.

At Rangewell, our experts are ready to work with you to understand your needs and explain the possibilities before you finalise your plans, and to help you secure the funding you need - whether that solution is Growth Equity lending, or alternatives such as specialised finance for scaleupsGrowth Finance, Private Equity for management buyins or even Private Equity for management buyouts, we can help.


  • Find partners to help a regional food producer become a national brand

  • Source funds to support a small volume manufacturer acquire a major new production facility

  • Find equity partners to allow a family business to grow into a corporation

  • Find a small distribution company support to acquire depots across the country and scale their fleet to serve them

  • Help secure support to let a small electronics company become a leader in its sector

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Helping you build your profits

  • The flexible way to support growth
    Lending can provide funds for growth, but repayment will mean a drain on your resources in the future, and can even become a barrier to growth in the future. With Growth Equity investment there is no such barrier.
  • Reducing the cost of growth capital
    Growth Equity often represents a more competitive financing source than lending for companies poised to accelerate their revenue and profitability.
  • The advantages of partnerships
    By providing cost-effective capital and a seasoned business partner, Growth Equity finance can offer you an additional source of expertise and valuable connections to take your business further.
  • Access to eager investors
    If your company has a clear path to profitable growth and can offer appropriate investor protection, investors may view Growth Equity as a compelling investment opportunity.
  • Regaining full control
    With Growth Equity finance it may be possible to make arrangements to buy out equity investors at some point in the future when specified conditions are met.
  • Getting the support you need
    Arranging Growth Equity finance is challenging and you will need legal, tax and other appropriate advisors. At Rangewell we can help you find the professionals you need to increase the likelihood of a successful outcome.

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