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Running an optician practice needs support from partner organisations and authorities. At Rangewell, we know the key bodies serving the sector.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

There are many bodies and associations providing a variety of support services for Opticians and for people working in the industry

Professional associations and services are key to running a successful, profitable practice - and even more important, one that complies with the necessary legislation and regulations.

There are many support services provided by these partner bodies. Services include training, recruitment, career development, together with the opportunity to share issues and to create a voice for the industry.

Working with these partners is vital for your future.

Just as important are the trade and buying groups that will influence the business side of your practice.

Being fully informed about the professional issues affecting your optician practice is essential. Being able to contribute to debates on the key issues, and to be sure of having representation on the topics that affect you and your practice will be vital for its success.

Having professional representation to reflect your interests at a local and national level can be vital for the future of the industry - and of your practice.

The Rangewell Opticians Services Directory

At Rangewell, we support the optician profession in the UK and have put together a directory of people with the skills you need to support your business. So, if you need the help with business matters call us for details of the professionals and organisation who can help with expertise and services you need.

What are the key areas where you need the partners to help you?

News and developments

The developments from suppliers, researchers and equipment manufacturers will be announced and reviewed by professional bodies.

You need their clear insights - and their authoritative views of new ideas - which will be free of the marketing and promotional elements.

An understanding of the legislative developments is also essential. Knowing the issues that will affect your practice will help you prepare for them. Being forewarned about new regulations and legislation can help you prepare for them - and if necessary help you add your voice to push back against them.


The partner bodies can bring you a wide range of advice, guidance and tools to support your professional needs and development. This can help you to provide quality care and help you focus on your business and with your patient care.

Services can include legal support from in-house teams, advice on clinical matters and on the delivery of enhanced services.

The topics that affect you, from recruitment to employment and more.

Business support

The professional bodies always recognise that as well as providing a vital clinical service, your practice must also be a successful and profitable business if it is to survive.

Whether you’re setting up a new practice, promoting it, or seeking ways to move it forwards, they can provide answers to your business questions and call upon ample experience to provide the answers you need.

Whether you are setting up, growing your business, facing challenges or feel that it is time to dispose of your practice and enjoy a well-deserved retirement, your professional bodies can help.


Your professional body can bring you the authoritative view on the latest regulation - and support it with expert advice and with the ability to influence, shape and, if necessary, push back against those regulations and even formal legislation.


The new ideas and technology in lenses, treatment and equipment will be reviewed by the professional bodies.

You need to have access to the latest products and diagnostic techniques. You know which are essential to offer your customers. Authoritative reviews are vital.


The partner bodies help to shape the future of the industry through lobbying and policy work, using their official status to influence and persuade policymakers and decision-makers among suppliers and manufacturers serving the profession. Their work includes consultations with government, regulators and healthcare bodies, to explain the views of professionals in the optical sector.

They can influence the government, media and public opinion, raising the issues that matter to you as a practice owner and as a professional optician and helping to improve patient care.

They can give you a voice through their policy positions, consultations and campaigns - and ensure that your interests are represented.

Health and wellbeing

Many bodies make support services available to their members in the optical profession. Issues like advice and support on your own health and wellbeing, avoiding excessive stress, and providing practical help with health issues can be important.


From recruitment to staff management becoming an employer can be challenging. The professional bodies can help you avoid the pitfalls, whether you are looking for a partner who can help you take your practice to the next level or simply for locum staff

Finding the partners who can support your optician practice

At Rangewell, we work with opticians across the UK. We help them secure the finance they need, from the launch of their business to its eventual sale.

This means that we work closely with many professional bodies serving the sector.

We are always happy to share our network of contacts. Please call us on 020 3936 0069 we will be happy to introduce you to care home equipment specialists in your region.

Joining the Rangewell Optician Services Directory

Does your association serve the optician sector? Please contact us to discuss how your organisation can be included in our optician database. There is no charge for organisations who wish to be included in our directory ‘ecosystem’.

Call us now on our Opticians' Support Line on 020 3936 0069.

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