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How to keep your opticians practice ahead of the competition

Regardless of whether you’re starting your own opticians practice or are well-established in the industry, staying ahead of your competitors is vital to your long-term success. However, with the optical industry constantly evolving, keeping pace with the latest technology, testing techniques and products isn’t easy. This is why, in order to embrace change, you must always be looking ahead and adapting your business plan accordingly. So if you’re looking for more ways to ensure that your opticians practice remains relevant, here are 3 keys areas that you need to focus on.

Ensuring staff awareness

In order to provide the highest quality service to each of your patients, making sure that your staff are up to date on how the optical industry is changing is crucial. This means that you and your staff must keep pace with the latest technology, tools, techniques, procedures, regulations and test room practices. As such, making sure that your staff have access to plenty of training opportunities, whether internally or externally, is going to be vital in ensuring your business’ long-term success.

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Living up to patient expectations

The changing nature of the optical industry is also having a direct impact on how patients view your practice and what they expect for their money. As such, living up to patient expectations have become much more challenging, and continues to do so. This hasn’t been helped either with online opticians entering the industry and giving eyewear users even more options. Yet nevertheless, there are ways in which your practice can overcome such challenges and ensure a strong, sustainable future. By constantly upgrading the technology which is available at your practice, you can begin adding new services, some of which may not be present at your competitors’. As such, you may find patients being referred to your practice if your competitors are unable to provide a specific service or treatment. As such, additional services you could provide include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Personalised eye measurements
  • Digitally measuring reading behaviour
  • Spectacle dispensing
  • Adnexal cyst removal
  • Refractive surgery
  • Ocular prosthetics
  • Low vision services

Adapting to digital technology

In addition, you should explore ways in which you can enhance your practice’s offering online and develop a tangible presence in order to boost customer engagement. This is because more and more eyewear users are analysing opticians services in their local areas before deciding on their choice of practice. Plus, this also makes it easier for your patients to compare your services with those of your competitors. As such, as well as creating an SEO-friendly website, you may also want to look into publishing online catalogues and running a regular blog featuring up to date patient testimonials.

Is your optician practice having a hard time staying ahead?

Competition in the optical industry is growing more and more intense all the time. But as the industry continues to advance with haste, so does the pressure upon your practice. In order to stay relevant and retain a loyal customer base, you need to be constantly analysing and enhancing your practice’s services. This means acquiring top talent, providing training opportunities and regularly upgrading to the latest technology on offer. The challenge is that achieving these goals requires access to sufficient amounts of capital, which you may not have available. Fortunately, there is a wide range of finance solutions on offer specifically to opticians like yourself that could help. All you need to do is source an agreement that’s suitable for your practice.

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