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Goodwill Loans for Physiotherapists

Releasing the value in your practice


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Your practice generates wealth. At Rangewell, we can set up Goodwill Loans to let you benefit from it.

Your physiotherapy practice generates wealth that is difficult for you to access. A Goodwill Loan could help give you access to the funds you have earned.

A physiotherapy business can be lucrative, especially if you have built up a reputation with sporting groups, or connections with private medical providers. But tax rules and the need to maintain your working capital mean you can’t access the wealth you have created without causing problems for yourself or your practice.

But there is a way to enjoy the results of your hard work - with a Goodwill Loan, or Cash Out. It can help you access the wealth you create, while leaving the cash in your business bank account untouched.

Many physiotherapists have found that they provide the simple way to enjoy their wealth now, without creating any threat to the future of their business.

What is a Goodwill Loan?

A Goodwill, or Capital Withdrawal Loan, allows certain professionals in the medical sector - including physiotherapists - to access the value in their business without withdrawing funds from it.

It lets you use the goodwill built up in your practice as the security for a loan, which you can use for a wide range of purposes. You can then pay back this loan at a particularly attractive rate.


  • Help a physiotherapist arrange a Goodwill Loan to fund his children’s education

  • Find a lender to provide a Goodwill Loan to let a physiotherapist open a second branch

  • Arrange a Goodwill Loan to allow a physiotherapist to buy a motor cruiser

  • Find funding to allow a physiotherapist to buy an investment property

What can you do with a Goodwill Loan?

A Goodwill Loan can bring you a sum comparable to your annual turnover, typically between £50,000 and £500,000, with repayment terms of up to 15 years.

There are a few limits on what you can do with your loan - you can’t use it to pay off your mortgage on your main home, for example. Otherwise, you can use the funds in almost any way that you wish, including:

  • Buying investment property in the UK
  • Buy property overseas for investment or leisure
  • Buying a second home
  • School or college fees
  • Buying another business, or a second property to expand your existing practice
  • To support retirement planning

“I wanted to put my kids through university. I couldn’t take the money out of the practice for the fees and accommodation, even though it was there, without running into problems with tax and cashflow. But with Rangewell’s help I found a solution.

With a Goodwill Loan it was not only possible to raise the funds I needed, it would make very good sense.

I  have four children, so university has been a big expense. I’m proud to have given them the help they needed”

Find out more about a Goodwill Loan for your physiotherapy practice. Call and talk to our physiotherapy business experts.

Other funding solutions for the physiotherapy profession include:

Being able to afford a investment property has given us a brighter future
I work hard. It’s good to enjoy a few extras in life - especially when they can also be lasting investments.
I didn't want to wait until I retired to enjoy life.

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Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

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Helping you build your profits

Cash never leaves your business

A Goodwill Loan leaves your business finances completely unaffected.

Versatile funding for any purpose

A Goodwill Loan can be used for any purpose, from investment or buying property or simply for leisure.

No need for extra security

Goodwill Loans are secured on the future performance of your practice - there is no need to put your assets or possessions at risk.

Competitive rate funding

Goodwill Loans represent a cost-effective way to borrow, as repayment rates can be very competitive.

Early repayment options

Some Goodwill Loan providers will accept early repayments, reducing the total cost of your borrowing - and letting your loan pay for itself.

Avoid tax implications

Your Goodwill Loan will let you benefit from the value built up in your practice, with no tax implications for you or your business.

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Getting the right funding arrangement is essential

There are many forms of business finance available. Getting the most appropriate type for the business needs of your practice is essential.

Your key equipment could be at risk

If you are unable to keep up repayments on a hire purchase or lease agreement, the equipment your practice depends on could be could be at risk.

Long-term financial commitments

You may not be able to pull out of a finance arrangement once set up.

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