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Fund solar panel installation either as a contractor or a customer with solar installation loans

Finance can help you navigate the significant upfront cost associated with solar panels, but you need to work with the right lender to get the best deal.

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In 2022, the UK generated over 40% of its total energy via renewable methods. Solar power is part of that renewable mix and, during peak summer months, provides as much as 30% of the UK’s energy. Much of this efficiency is a direct result of improvements to solar panel technology, which presents plenty of opportunities for businesses across all sectors. 

Solar photovoltaic (PV) panels are the most popular source of solar energy in the UK, delivering cost savings for virtually any type of facility provided it is installed in the most optimal way. Other costs include battery storage, which allows premises to store excess energy and use it during periods of falling sunlight. 

Ultimately, as with other forms of clean energy generation, there are lots of great savings on offer in terms of both cost and carbon footprint – but only for businesses who can afford the project. 

The costs of solar installations are significant, but the returns in terms of both energy saving and cost efficiency make them appealing. Raising the initial funds to have an installation carried out often means turning to lenders. Here at Rangewell, we’ll help you get a better deal on business loans for solar panels. 

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Loans for commercial solar panels for your business

Installing solar panels on your premises can offer significant cost savings across a number of years, which makes it a compelling reason to take out a loan. If you invest in renewables and can guarantee a return over time, you’ll be able to make a clear case to lenders and receive a competitive offer. 

Warehouses and manufacturers, in particular, tend to benefit the most from solar installations due to the available roof space and high energy consumption on site. If your business is in either of these sectors, talk to Rangewell about business loans for investing in solar. 

To make sure you can benefit from a solar panel installation, speak to an installation specialist first. You’ll need to have the capacity to house the panels, which are often sited on flat roofs. Some buildings simply do not have the land or planning permissions needed to invest in solar. 

If you do have the capacity, however, you can then approach lenders and discuss loan options. As a finance expert, we can work on your side to showcase the benefits of a solar installation to your business and to the environment as a whole, which will strengthen your business plan and drive lender interest. We’ll then negotiate the loan on your behalf, meaning you’ll be able to pursue the project and invest in cleaner, cheaper energy for your business. 

Finance for solar and renewable energy installers 

Installers are facing a new wave of customer appetite for solar power, driven by technological advancements and added utilities like battery storage. If you’re an installer or service business specialising in renewables, you can access business finance to help you grow. 

There are lots of different loans that can transform your business or solve temporary challenges, including:

  • Working capital finance to help pay employee wages or bridge gaps in cash flow. Ideal for installers who need to hire more team members to meet rising demand. 
  • Finance to purchase your business premises, increasing your overall business value and helping you move from leasing to ownership. 
  • Growth capital finance for entering new markets or expanding your product portfolio, giving you ready access to cash to pay new suppliers and source new products. 

Finance can help you overcome most challenges associated with growing a business, but you’ll need to understand each type of agreement and how it will work for you. This depends on lots of factors, including your business’s financial performance, your own personal background and your plans for the future. 

To arrange a loan built to benefit your team, you need someone you can trust. Rangewell can help. Our team will happily discuss through your requirements and arrange finance to suit your needs. Get in touch now to grow your business. 

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