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Funding options


Hire Purchase

  • HP for up to 60 months
  • Refinance existing assets
  • Rates from 6%
  • Undercut "0% finance" deals from suppliers


  • Lease for an asset's entire life
  • Avoid obsolescence
  • Maintain competitiveness
  • Terms to suit your needs

Reduce costs

  • Fund all types of IT equipment
  • Free up working capital
  • Avoid depreciation costs
  • Low rates – funding secured on equipment itself

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You need the latest IT to stay competitive. We work across the entire lending market, and we know the lenders who can provide the most cost-effective solutions to your IT needs, bringing you the equipment you want and saving you money

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

Your business probably depends on your IT. You can't afford to work with anything but the best.

You need the latest hardware, software and services to keep your business connected and running – and competitive.

Properly used, IT can boost your productivity and your profits – but it demands substantial investment. With the increasing pace of change, the need for investment can be ongoing.

Asset Finance solutions

Asset Finance can bring you the software, hardware or systems you need straight away, and let you pay over time.

You can select the equipment you want from any supplier or a range of suppliers, and get all the necessary finance from a specialised lender, helping you reduce overall costs. You spread the cost over the term of the agreement – while your equipment is already working for you.

Options include:

Hire Purchase – spreading the cost of buying

Hire Purchase is a simple way to spread the cost of buying an asset. You pay a deposit plus fixed monthly instalments for the agreed term, which generally lasts between 12 and 72 months. The assets become your property as soon as the final payment is made.

This can make HP the solution for durable items you want to keep.

Operating Leases

Operating Leases work like a rental agreement. You pay a monthly rental charge to use the asset. Maintenance, repairs, and registration can be the responsibility of the leasing company. Operating leases can be ideal for technical equipment with a limited life span that you do not wish to own outright.

Finance Leases

Finance Leases also let you borrow equipment for a set time, but maintenance, repairs and running costs will become your responsibility. Finance Leases are common with larger cost arrangements, such as equipping all the workstations in a large organisation with identical hardware, and providing suitable infrastructure and access to software and fileservers.

Finance for Software as a Service (SaaS)

At Rangewell we have already worked with a number of companies looking for SaaS financing. Whilst this is a relatively new area in finance, and not all lenders are comfortable with the product, we have expertise in the space and know the lenders that are. Please contact us for details.

Why you need Rangewell to set up Asset Finance that’s right for you

Asset Finance can let you spread the cost of all kinds of business equipment. Naturally, this range means there are many different types of Asset Finance, and many different providers. Not all providers work in every sector or with all types of asset. Terms and rates can vary widely.

Getting the right deal can demand expertise

At Rangewell, our team of Business Finance Specialists includes people with the expertise you need. They can help you find the right kind of finance arrangement, the lenders who work in your sector, and the most competitive deals for all your IT requirements.

By searching across the entire market, we can often find asset finance plans which actually undercut the 0% finance offers provided by dealers, distributors and solutions providers.

Why you should call us

Remember, if you are unsure about what kind of borrowing you need our team of business experts are ready to provide help and support.

Our service is personal – we can work with you to find Asset Finance scaled to fit your turnover and your other obligations. When you call us, we can explain the options – and help find you the solutions you need.

Discover our range of finances

Every type of finance for every type of business

Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

  • No capital expenditure
    The cost of your entire IT estate can be provided from your operating expenditure. You may not even need a deposit with some types of asset finance.
  • The latest systems
    With the right lease agreements, you can work with the latest IT systems, and upgrade when necessary.
  • Reducing monthly costs
    Asset finance is secured on your IT assets themselves. This security means that interest rates and your monthly repayments can be reduced.
  • Funding scaled for your growing business
    Agreements can cover an individual laptop, or a complete IT suite to serve an enterprise, and can grow with your business as you take on staff.
  • Fixed monthly repayments
    Repayments are predictable and fixed, allowing simpler budgeting.
  • Reducing your risk
    If your business faced a downturn and was unable to make repayments, the lender can recover their costs by repossessing the equipment you have financed. None of your other assets would be at risk.

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Leases may count as debtInvestors may view long term leases as debt and adjust their valuation of your business. Other lenders may reduce loan availability because of your lease commitment.
Your core business IT could be at riskIf you are unable to keep up repayments on a hire purchase or lease agreement the lender could repossess your IT. This could mean you could not continue to operate the business.
Long-term commitmentIt may be difficult to renegotiate some arrangements if your business needs change, or if technology moves on. This could mean working with IT that no longer meets your needs.

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