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Running a care home business means calling on a range of professional help. At Rangewell, we not only help care home owners secure funding, we can help them find the professional support they need.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

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Acquiring, running - or selling - a care home business requires some special skills. You can find those skills here.

At Rangewell, as part of our commitment to supporting UK businesses, we have put together a directory of people with the skills you need - and made it free for you to use. So, if you need professional support for your care home business, call us for details of the professionals who can help with expertise and services you need - and who cover your location.

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The accountancy profession includes many firms with specialist interests who have gained a reputation for the quality of financial expertise they can bring to bear in key sectors.

Those supporting the care home sector are able to help business owners deal with the special challenges provided by the sector. By helping their clients to maximise their profits and minimise their tax liabilities, and providing access to facilities from auditing to online bookkeeping systems, specialised accountants can provide important financial advantages for the business they work with.

See why you need a specialised accountant for your Care Home business.


Achieving regulatory and contractual compliance is a basic requirement of operating a care home business. Understanding the best practice approaches to manage and mitigate risks and ensure quality is also vital, helping you avoid problems, and improve care standards while making the best use of resources.

Advisors, providing access to key knowledge on every aspect of care home management, from legislation to catering and from insurance to training and recruitment.

Find out more about the help a Care Home Business advisor can provide for you.

Sales and acquisitions agents

Sales and acquisitions agents are the first point of contact if you are looking to buy or dispose of a Care Home.

As well as providing lists of homes for sale in your area, agents are frequently able to provide a range of additional services, such as surveys, valuations and reports which can help you support funding applications, planning permission requests and business development planning.  

Planning a care home purchase - or disposal? Look here to find the help you need.

Equipment providers

Your Care Home will require a wide range of equipment. This can include comfortable domestic furniture as well as specialised nursing equipment. Your home may require - from lifts and hospital beds to bariatric equipment, wheelchairs. But your equipment needs will not stop there. You may need a range of products, designed to enhance your residents quality of life as well as management equipment, IT and software.

You may require exercise apparatus, entertainment facilities, kitchen equipment and more. Your residents may need a wide range of devices and controls adapted for hands that no longer grip as securely as they once did.

Specialised equipment suppliers can answer all your needs. You can find details of the suppliers working in the Care Home Sector here

Legal services

Having access to a wide range of legal advice is vital for care homes and for individuals working in the sector. Contracts of all kinds must be drawn up. Buying and selling healthcare businesses, drawing up shareholders’ and investors’ agreements, and negotiating with public authorities and health trusts must all be supported by carefully-worded agreements. Your business may also require regulatory advice and representation. In addition, those in your care may need assistance with wills, trusts, lasting powers of attorney, reclaiming care fees, Court of Protection work and more.

See how Legal experts with sensitivity and understanding of the sector are vital to providing the legal support you need.

Media partners

Being aware of developments in the Care Home Sector is vital if you are to adopt best practices and avoid problems. The sector is served by a number of media partners providing news, insight and analysis to keep readers informed of the latest developments in health and social care in the UK.

Both online and print media are available. They allow readers to keep abreast of the news and other content - and offer the opportunity to communicate, advertise and respond to content to support business objectives.

Discover how our media partners can help you and your care home business. 


There are many bodies and associations providing a variety of support services for Care Homes and for people working in the Care Home industry. Services include training, recruitment, career development and a range of benefits.

Working with these partners is vital for your future. See why here.


Getting accurate valuations and costings for your Care Home business is essential, and specialist skills and understanding of the industry are necessary to deliver them. Experienced valuers can provide reasoned and informed advice, underpinned by access to comparable and contemporary trading and transactional evidence.

At Rangewell, we know the leading market specialists and can introduce you to the surveyors and valuers that are recognised and accepted by banks, institutions and industry operators. See why you need them here.

Joining the Rangewell care home ‘ecosystem’

Are you a professional with expertise in the Care Home sector? Please contact us to discuss being included in our Care Home database. There is no charge for professionals who wish to be included in our ‘ecosystem’.

Call us now on our Care Home Support Line on 020 3936 8607. Rangewell can help with any care home finance challenge you face.

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