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Your Care Home will require a wide range of equipment. Some is obvious - comfortable domestic furniture as well as specialised nursing equipment. But your equipment needs will not stop there.

You may need a range of products, designed to enhance your residents quality of life as well as IT and management software.

Running a care home depends on the care provided by yourself and your team. But to deliver that care, you will need a growing range of equipment.

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You cannot simply provide basic, utilitarian equipment when you are providing a welcoming and homely environment for your residents. You need to provide furnishings that are attractive as well as durable, and equipment that is selected for its appearance as well as its durability, utility and cost.

You must be able to meet the needs of your residents - but you need to remember that those needs include an attractive aesthetics.

In many cases, you will need specialist suppliers to equip your care home business.

At Rangewell, as part of our commitment to supporting UK businesses, we have put together a directory of people with the skills you need - and made it free for you to use. So, if you need professional support for your care home business, call us for details of the professionals who can help with expertise and services you need - and who cover your location - including:

Access management systems

Effective access management is a key part of providing safe and secure care, especially if you have residents suffering from dementia.

Providing for security - but still allowing safe and fast evacuation - requires a wide range of equipment, from simple ramps to sophisticated stairclimbers. You may need lifts too.

Creating a system for the needs of your Care Home may require an individually designed system. Our list of suppliers includes specialists who will be able to prepare the specification of the access management and access system that you need, and to source the individual items which will help you assemble it into an effective working solution for your care home.

Staff paging systems

In a medical emergency, seconds count, and an effective call system can be a lifesaver. Radio-based systems can include full text and automated content to help staff quickly identify the location and level of any call.

Many can be installed with minimal disruption - essential for premises where closing any area of the building is not viable - and which have been developed to be easy to carry and use.

Uniforms and workwear

Providing smart, comfortable and safe, easily washed clothing for your staff is important. Residents and staff prefer uniforms that are smart as well as practical, and which suggest care and support, rather than a medical environment.

Providing suitable uniforms can be easier with specialist suppliers who understand the needs of the sector.

Exercise and activity equipment

You can never simply leave residents to amuse themselves, and there are plenty of reasons to help even your least active residents avoid spending the days in front of the television. Fortunately, there are a growing number of technology solutions that can support activity and alertness, from simple games to fitness equipment to new interactive systems that can help residents become enthusiastic participants in a meaningful physical activity, thereby improving their quality of life and that of those around them.

Management software

It's true that you have better things to do with your time than administration when you have a busy Care Home to run. But the paperwork has to be done - and ultimately your residents will suffer if it is neglected. The more efficiently you can get your desk clear and your administrative work done, the more time you have for giving care.

Care Management software designed for your Care Home helps you reduce costs, avoid errors and give everyone involved in the delivery of care the relevant, real-time information they need.

Your residents are individuals. The right software can help you give them individual care, managing everything from their individual medical needs and medication schedules to billing. Care Management software can include recording and analysis. The results can be quantified in terms of time saved, admin simplified and an improved delivery in quality of care.

There are integrated software suites to provide new client assessments, electronic care planning and every other task that eats into your valuable time - call us to find out more about an IT solution to your very human care needs.

Finding the specialist equipment for your Care Home

At Rangewell, we work with Care Home businesses across the UK. We help them secure the finance they need at every stage, supporting property acquisition and business launch, everyday operations and growth.

This means that we work closely with many professional businesses serving the sector.

We are always happy to share our network of contacts. Please call us on 020 3936 8607 and we will be happy to introduce you to Care Home equipment specialists in your region.

Joining the Rangewell Care Home ‘ecosystem’

Are you an equipment supplier working in the care home sector? Please contact us to discuss being included in our care home database. There is no charge for professionals who wish to be included in our ‘ecosystem’.

Call us now on our Care Home support line on 020 3936 8607 for support for your business and any type of care home finance challenge you may be facing. 

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