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Asset Finance

  • Spread the cost of any equipment
  • Use the latest technology
  • Buy with monthly payments
  • Lease with no upfront cost


  • Secured and unsecured loans
  • Borrow for any purpose
  • Predictable monthly repayments
  • Tailored to your cashflow

Any funding need

  • Equipment
  • Deal with overheads
  • Pay staff
  • Fund marketing - training - development

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If you are ready to launch your own dental practice, at Rangewell, we’re ready to use our contacts across the entire UK lending industry to provide the funding you need.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

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Kickstart your dental practice with the right funding

We can help you find and secure business loans to support your dental start-up

So, you've decided to start your own dental practice? We can help make sure you hit the ground running. 

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A start-up dentist, sometimes known as a squat practice, required significant upfront investment. Even if you are starting a dental practice with a partner, you will still need access to cash to support initial costs, including buying or renting premises, equipment, tax and insurance - and that's before you take into account paying yourself and your team.

A career as a dentist means professional skills. But using those skills to start your dental practice will depend on the investment you have. You could be the top dentist in the area, but without the finance to support your start-up, then you might fail before you even begin. 

At Rangewell, we work with new and established dental businesses to find and secure business loans of all types. Our team of experts scour the whole of market, including a number of specialist lenders and online lenders, to provide you with the best funding packages to kickstart your business.

We're by your side every step of the way, from helping you to write the best dental business plan through and identify any risks that might impact what a lender can offer you. So, choose Rangewell as your finance broker and we'll help you to find the best loan options for your circumstances. 

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The challenge of funding your new dental practice

Opening a startup dental practice is tricky. Even the smallest practices require a significant upfront investment in order to meet industry and NHS standards.

Even before you see your first patient, you'll need to find funds. Firstly, you'll need business premises, equipment, staff and insurance. You may need to invest tens of thousands of pounds into a chair, your drill, hand tools, autoclave, and x-ray machines. You will also need trained dental staff and working finance until your new practice finds its feet.

Many startups discover that they are unable to secure funding from traditional lenders, as they require several years of audited accounts and even property or assets as security - not helpful if that's what you need the finance for in the first place!

Even the new breed of online lenders usually want evidence of a year’s trading with online accounts and VAT returns before considering an application. That's not to say funding a startup dental practice is impossible, but there are challenges and you'll benefit greatly from having an experienced team on your side. At Rangewell, we can show you the financial solutions and the lenders who can provide start-up funding.

The types of funding you might consider for your dental start-up include:

Commercial mortgage for your surgery premises

Premises will be a high cost for your new practice, but buying with a commercial mortgage may cut costs compared with leasing. Find out more about commercial mortgages here.

Commercial loans for your basic costs

There are two types of commercial loans. Secured Loans may be suitable for more considerable sums, while unsecured loans can be arranged quickly for smaller amounts. 

Asset finance for your dental equipment

Asset finance covers a range of funding solutions designed to let you spread the cost of equipment. For example, hire purchase lets you acquire equipment straight away, with a single deposit payment and spread the costs in regular monthly instalments over up to 5 years. Leasing works much like a rental agreement. It lets you use the equipment without buying it, with a payment each month to the finance company. 

‘Jigsaw’ finance - tailored to your dental start-up plans

Setting up a practice may mean a range of funding is required. For example, we can provide jigsaw funding - a bespoke package made up of the most appropriate type of funding for each need. We have found that it can help people ready to make the most of their business, access a higher level of funding provided by a single finance option - and reduce costs.

Getting the help you need from Rangewell

Coming to Rangewell means getting financial experts working for you and your new practice.

We can discuss your objectives and help find answers that are right for you, with financial solutions that include professional loans, unsecured and secured loans, invoice finance, dental equipment finance, merchant cash advance, commercial mortgages, growth finance and more.

To find out more about your dental practice financing needs, simply call us. From finding the finance you need to grow your dental practice to refurbishing a dental practice, or any other type of dental practice loan, our experts at Rangewell are ready to help.

Last update: 19 October 2023

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Frequently asked questions

Have a question?

How much does it cost to start a dental practice?

How much it costs to start a dental practice will depend on a vast range of factors, including:

  • The location of the site
  • What type of building you're trying to acquire to put a dental practice into
  • What equipment you'll be putting into the practice
  • How many surgeries you'll be putting in your practice
  • How much the building and design work will cost

The ballpark figure for starting a dental practice is anything between 100k and 500k. These days an average of about £200,000 to £250,000 is probably more accurate. 

How do you qualify for a dental practice loan?

There are several things a lender will look at when deciding whether to lend. From a practice point of view, the bank will look at the number below and feel them into the cash flow model. Then, they'll use this model to project how much money you'll make as an owner of the practice you're considering and if you can afford to make the repayments.

Collections - How big is the practice? Are collections growing or shrinking?
Profitability - How much money do you keep aster paying all the expenses of the business.
Hygiene production - What percentage of the patients come for hygiene? What comes from new patients? Who are returning patients?

Your creditworthiness - The majority of the decision to lend money will depend on the economics of the practice; you'll still need a solid credit history. It's not to say a lender won't work with you if you have a bad credit history. It just may be a different process. 
The bank will run a credit check, so make sure your credit score is in the best possible way. 

The bank will then look to see if you're responsible with money, so they'll look at things like how much debt you have, how much ingoing and outgoings you have, if you've defaulted on any payments, and your monthly credit allocation. They'll be looking to see if you're spending every pound that hits your bank and if you can make monthly payments. They could also ask to see a business plan, bank statements for the past couple of years, and information on your current assets. 

When you get the loan, make sure you look at the term, the repayment penalty requirements, and the fees involved. 

Can anyone own dental practice?

Yes, a non-dentist can own a dental practice. Ownership of the physical building is pretty straightforward. Most dental practices in the UK are owned by landlords separate from the dental profession, and the occupying dental business will pay rent to the landlord. 

Non-dentist cannot set up or buy dental practices as individuals or partners, but they are permitted to be shareholders of a limited company that owns the practice. 

What is the cost of running a dental practice?

The average dental practice can expect an annual turnover of around £500,000 with costs including:

  • Materials - £40,000
  • Lab fees - £36,000
  • Staff costs - £82,000
  • Other costs (including associate fees) -  £275,000

Leaving you an annual average yearly profit of £90,00. 

Every practice is different, so this is more of an average cost.

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