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What is Cashflow Financing?

Published on 7th December 2017 - Last update on 8th January 2019

Regardless of how big your business may be or which sector you operate in, maintaining and pushing beyond your bottom line is a difficult but necessary task. Yet, as your business continues to operate, you may encounter seasonal trading periods which see you earning less revenue. If the pattern continues, living up to your financial obligations could prove challenging, especially if aid isn’t sought in a timely manner. But with Cashflow Finance, you could gain access to a wide range of finance solutions that can help support your business during this difficult time, making sure that you have the necessary funds to cover your operating costs. So if you believe that your business could benefit from Cashflow Financing, here’s what you need to know.

  • Why apply for apply for Cash Flow Financing?
  • What finance products does Cash Flow Financing offer?
  • How to apply for Cash Flow Financing?

Why should I apply for Cashflow Financing?

Cash Flow Financing offers you the ability to support your business’ finances and protect growth. Containing a diverse range of business finance products, this package could offer the assistance you need when experiencing slow trading periods, late payments from customers, outstanding financial obligations or other emergencies affecting your bottom line. So, by choosing to apply for Cashflow Financing, you could gain the means to continue running your day-to-day operations without the worry of placing further pressure on your business’ working capital. Therefore, if you’re expecting to run into issues regarding cash flow, acting sooner rather than later could help reinforce your business’ finances and long-term sustainability.

Expecting to run into a low revenue period? Need help supporting your finances? Apply for Cashflow Financing or learn more about how your business could benefit!

What products could I apply for with Cashflow Financing?

Cashflow Financing consists of a wide range of business funding options that each work in their own unique way to offer you the funds that you need. You can then use these funds to carry your business whilst making sure that you have the ability to settle operating costs and any other monthly expenses. Just some of the products that you could apply for through Cashflow Financing include:

  • Business Loans: these can be either Secured or Unsecured. Secured Business Loans could allow you to borrow between £5,000 and £1,000,000, whilst Unsecured Business Loans could offer anything from £5,000 up to £250,000.
  • Revolving Credit Facilities: offering you a line of credit that allows you to draw funds from a monthly allowance based on your business’ past income. These funds can be repaid, withdrawn and repaid yet again on a cycle.
  • Invoice Finance: these products advance the funds owed to your business in outstanding business-to-business (B2B) invoices worth in excess of £5,000, and are gradually repaid by the debtor responsible.
  • Asset Refinance: this method of finance releases equity in existing business’ assets which are worth at least £5,000 to provide you with a lump sum that can be used to support your operating costs.

Therefore, with so many different products to choose from, you could source a solution that’s suitable for your business’ current situation and which may offer you all the aid and support your business requires.

How can I apply for Cashflow Financing?

Although Cashflow Financing covers a wide range of business finance products that each have their own entry requirements, what most lenders are interested in is reviewing your business’ past income. But, in order to do that they may need to see various records, reports and documents from your business, documents such as bank statements, sales reports, annual turnover reports or profit and loss statements. This will give lenders stronger indication of what your business was earning prior to its current situation and to tell whether you can afford the cost of the finance.

In addition, Cashflow Financing also contains a blend of business finance products that can be Secured or Unsecured. Secured products typically use assets such as equipment, machinery, vehicles or property as collateral, meaning that that, if your business falls behind in its repayments or defaults entirely, lenders will have the right to repossess these assets. Meanwhile, although Unsecured products don’t require collateral, lenders may ask for a Personal Guarantee expressing your commitment to repaying the agreement on time.

Need help supporting your business’ finances?

Although raising your bottom line is no doubt on the top of your agenda, earning a reliable cash flow each month isn’t easy. But if your monthly revenue falls short of what’s required to cover your operating costs or expenses, you could see yourself dipping into your cash reserves and postponing essential growth projects. That’s why applying for Cashflow Financing sooner rather than later is so crucial. By choosing to support your business now you could acquire the funds necessary to continue operating at peak efficiency during difficult periods. So if you’re expecting to face challenges to your cash flow, apply for Cashflow Financing today or find out more with Rangewell.

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