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Agency vs. In-house staff

Published on 11th April 2017 - Last update on 15th November 2019

One of the most important questions that any business owner will have to answer will be how they choose to staff their business. To make a success of your business and ensure its operational effectiveness, bringing in the right skills and industry knowledge is critical. There are two paths you can choose from, either in-house staff or agency. But to help you decide, the business finance boffins at Rangewell have weighed up the pros and cons on your behalf.

Agency vs. In-house   

A matter that usually rears its head when considering your business’s PR and Marketing departments, it’s important that you enter into a decision knowing the full facts, how each can add to your business and what to expect. After all, knowledge and preparation are necessities you can’t afford to shirk in any aspect of your business.


This merely means having permanent members of staff handling your PR and marketing. One of the most obvious benefits of going in-house is that you’ll have a dedicated individual or team who fully understands the ins and out of your business and what’s required. Plus, this also allows the team to better diverse their workloads, which often involves press releases, media enquiries, pitching, promoting offers and interacting with customers on social media.

Depending on how far reaching your brand is, you can also send out members of these departments to attend or host industry events and product launches. Meanwhile, thanks to cloud computing, they can also check management, monitor your multimedia and create new content from afar.

Besides, even if you choose the in-house options, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t hire temporary agency staff later in the run-up to major product or service launches. Your in-house staff will be able to choose the best candidates and manage what content is submitted.

Agency staff

PR agencies aim to fill their books with talented people and can bring a different tone, approach or angle to their clientele’s businesses. Often it’s amazing what a fresh pair of eyes can offer. But keep in mind, these individuals will be having to divide their time between other businesses, meaning you might not always get the attention you require. Be sure to also set out a contract pinning down such things as desired quality outcomes, time scale, actions and their responsibilities.

Because of the nature of agency staff, you or your in-house staff will need to inform or refresh them in what your business does and how it operates. Depending on how complex your business and internal structure may be, this can take time.

You’ll also need to set out a brief outlining the subject matter, the tone of voice, the angle, key points you wish to have discussed and so on. Plus, because agencies will also be working with other clients, you could find your business in a queue and subject to who they consider a priority.  

This also raises another issue regarding your brief. As well as dealing with multiple clients, they may not always spend as much time considering what research is required. Plus, sometimes if you are subject to pay-per-article schemes, it can lead to rushed poor-quality work. This then puts more work on your in-house team, costing you precious time.

Getting your business noticed

No matter which way you choose, however, getting the right people for the job can absorb time, resources and funds very quickly. This is why many businesses and large corporations choose to fund marketing campaigns and job adverts using business finance, specifically Merchant Cash Advance. If you’re looking to acquire funds for your next business project, the finance experts at Rangewell can help.

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