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5 ways seeking advice can help develop your optician practice

Published on 28th June 2018 - Last update on 15th March 2020

As a professional optician, your sole priority is the welfare of your patients. However, you also have the responsibility of running and maintaining a business. Although there’s no doubt you’re a proficient optician, but you may need help expanding your business expertise. Naturally, finding the knowledge that you require may seem like a daunting challenge, but there are plenty of avenues available for you to explore. So if you’re looking to expand your business knowledge, or just gain some fresh ideas for your practice, here are 5 ways in which you could gain the advice that you seek.

  1. Local Enterprise

One way of finding the information you require is by looking up local enterprise agencies in your area. Such agencies often arrange business events where you can gain access to training and networking opportunities. Attending these events is a great way of sharing and learning useful tips from other experienced opticians, which could transfer into any area of your practice, where applicable.

  1. Local Chambers of Commerce

Organisations such as your local Chamber of Commerce can also prove to be another useful resource for your practice. As well as providing great networking opportunities, they could also help you find local advisers, business experts, solicitors and accountants. Therefore, this could prove an invaluable opportunity for you to gain advice regarding other aspects of the eyecare industry such as regulations, legal and ethical guidelines and finance.

  1. Evolution Growth Events

In addition, you may wish to consider attending Evolution Growth Events. These events provide you with a great opportunity to network with practice owners, gain access to training, develop management skills and even learn more about the various ways in which you could grow your own practice.

  1. Develop a business plan

If you haven’t already, you need to develop a detailed business plan for your opticians' practice. But if you have, keep in mind that you’ll regularly need to update it. As well as discussing growth, finance, market analysis and operation plans, your business plan should also raise areas in which your knowledge of business may be lacking. If you do need to access additional sources of information, you should outline what information you require and how you intend to attain it.

  1. Evaluate your progress

Finally, you should regularly take the time to evaluate how well your practice is progressing.

To do so, begin by compiling a list of the various indicators that will enable you to measure and determine growth and sustainability. Some of these could include financial indicators, cashflow forecasts, management reports and patient satisfaction levels. With the information that you acquire, identify areas in which your practice can improve whilst forming a strategy on how to do so.

Need help finding the information that your optician practice requires to grow?

In order to make the right decisions for your optician practice, you must always ensure you have all the information that you require. Although your first thought might be to take look at what’s available online, finding this information can prove an arduous endeavour, leaving you with more questions than answers. This is why attending business events for your sector can prove invaluable, granting you the opportunity to discuss your concerns with industry experts and gain the advice that your practice needs. One of the most common areas of concern for SME opticians is regarding the matter of funding. Whether you are looking towards acquire new equipment or refurbishing an opticians, there are funding opportunities available - from equipment to franchise loans for opticians - providing you know where to look. So if you’re looking for finance to grow your opticians' practice, apply today or find out more with Rangewell.

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