5 fastest growing tech companies in Wales and the South West

By David Harrison
Content writer
Published: 7 March 20191 minute read
5 fastest growing tech companies in Wales and the South West

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Technology is reshaping every aspect of our lives, including the ways in which customers and businesses interact with each other. And part of the driving force behind that is Britain, with Wales becoming an increasingly popular destination for entrepreneurs wanting to unveil and explore the potential of new technologies. That’s why, to commemorate the achievements and pioneering spirit of Welsh entrepreneurship, we’re taking a look at the fastest growing tech companies in Wales and the South West according to Deloitte.

  1. Laser Wire Solutions Ltd

Based in Pontypridd, Laser Wire Solutions Ltd is a hardware company that manufactures innovative laser-based machinery with the intention of providing an efficient way of removing the insulative casing at the end wire and cables. However, many other their customer are finding additional purposes for their technology as well including keyhole surgery, aircraft equipment, electric vehicles to space exploration. As a result of their success, during the course of 2018 Laser Wire Solution has reported a rapid growth rate of 1,944%.

  1. Unify Communications

Meanwhile, following close behind with 1,915% is Unify Communications Ltd, a software provider specialising in the development of integrated business communication solutions. And through the implementation of what they have to offer, Unify takes pride in their ability to provide customers with security, control and the confidence to scale up.

  1. Solentim

Another successful enterprise, boasting 1,106% growth, is Solentim. Operating in the pharmaceutical sector, Solentim is exploring technologies which specialise in the advancement of healthcare and life sciences in regards to Cell Line Development. Plus, their success has enabled them to trade internationally, listing some of the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies as their clients.

  1. Vizolution

Next up on our list is Vizolution who have experienced a growth rate of 642% during 2018. A Fintech company which utilises pioneering technology to enhance and simplify customer engagement, Vizolution enables clients to send and receive vital information in real time. As a result, they’re able to support clients from a variety of industries, such as financial services, insurance, utilities, telecoms and government departments.

  1. MoveGB

Finally, with 631%, we have MoveGB which operates around the health and fitness sector. Using technology, MoveGB has created an online community which allows members to gain access to thousands of gyms, studios and exercise classes with ease.

Therefore, with so different types of technologies emerging, it highlights the pivotal role that businesses in Wales and the South West are playing in the shaping of future British technology. However, there’s still more work to be done. If more promising tech companies are to get the funds they need to grow, providing access to an ever greater range of business finance solutions is vital, which is a cause Rangewell is dedicated to. Isn’t it time you explored business’ potential?

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