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Jigsaw Finance for Chiropractors

Funding tailored for your needs

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Asset Finance

  • Hire Purchase
  • Spread cost over 5 years
  • Leasing
  • Acquire equipment with no upfront costs


  • Unsecured lending over 6-60 months from 6%
  • Secured lending from 2% over base rate
  • Repayment tailored to your needs
  • Commercial Mortgages

Innovative solutions

  • Merchant Cash Advances
  • Goodwill Funding
  • Tax Funding
  • Cash Advances

Talk to Rangewell – the business finance experts

Your funding requirements may call for more than one answer. At Rangewell, we can set up Jigsaw funding - a package made up from the most appropriate solutions for each one of your finance needs.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

There are many types of business funding - but in the real world, any single type of funding may not provide the ideal answer to the  complex funding need of your chiropractic clinic.

The answer can be Jigsaw Funding - a bespoke package of funding made up of various types of finance, each one selected for a particular purpose.

There are many types of business finance but, in the real world, financial needs are rarely simple. Your chiropractic business may need premises, equipment and to take on staff as part of your growth plans. No single funding type can provide the most cost-effective answer to them all. The type of funding that is ideal for one cost could be inappropriate or impossibly expensive for another.

At Rangewell, we have developed the solution with Jigsaw Funding.

Jigsaw Funding is a bespoke funding package designed around your plans as a chiropractic professional and made up of the most appropriate type of finance for each business purpose.

“I’ve been working as a chiropractor in an established sports clinic for around five years. It can be hard physical work, but helping people regain their mobility and ease pain is rewarding. I realised I wanted it to be financially rewarding too. I needed to run my own practice, but the idea of getting the money together to buy an existing practice from someone who was retiring, or starting from scratch, was daunting. I just could not see how I was going to deal with all the costs involved.

So I talked to the Rangewell team. They showed me how a Jigsaw Funding package could get me the right funding to buy the goodwill of an existing practice, buy the premises outright and re-equip it all. It cost less that I thought. I went ahead and did it.

They designed a package of funding for my plans as a chiropractor. There was a Secured Loan, a Commercial Mortgage and Asset Finance, all working together to answer my needs - and with a single repayment tailored to my projected cashflow.

It is funding that fits my chiropractic business perfectly.

Working as a chiropractor is still hard work but, as I hoped, it’s much more rewarding now I’m my own boss.”

Jigsaw Funding can include a combination of products, such as:

Find out more about Jigsaw Funding for your chiropractic practice. Call and talk to our Medical Funding Experts now.


  • Find Jigsaw Finance for a start-up, with individual funding for premises, equipment and working finance for the first year

  • Provide Jigsaw Funding to let a chiropractor lease a unit close to a major London train station

  • Find Jigsaw Funding to let a chiropractor lease and equip rooms in a new Health Centre

  • Create a Jigsaw package to let a chiropractor acquire premises, a vehicle and equipment to open her practice

Discover our range of finances

Every type of finance for every type of business

Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

Tailored to your business

We can help set up Jigsaw Funding to fit your business, and work with you to find the most appropriate solutions.

Starting up

Starting a business means many different costs. We can find the most appropriate funding for each one.

Supporting growth

Growth plans can involve a wide range of expenses. Jigsaw Funding can help you find the most appropriate solution for them all.

Any scale of business

We can provide Jigsaw Funding solutions whether you are starting a small business, or buying a large one.


We can work with you to find the most cost-effective solution for your particular needs.

Fixed repayments

You need to keep your outgoings under control. We can arrange Jigsaw Funding with a single, predictable payment to fit your budget.

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What types of finance are there - which do you need for your chiropractic practice?  

The types of funding available, including for working capital, equipment, tax, growth, buy-ins and premises 

What financing options are available to chiropractors in terms of equipment financing and equipment leasing?

Why not all providers are equal - finding the one that’s right for you

Is it important to use a lender who is authorised and regulated by the financial`conduct authority?

The downsides to finance - and how to avoid them

How we can provide an additional income stream

How to arrange finance - what paperwork do you need?

What to expect with monthly payments

Key terms explained

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Getting the right funding arrangement is essential
There are many forms of business finance available. Getting the most appropriate type for your particular needs is essential to avoid excessive costs.
Your key equipment could be at risk
If you are unable to keep up repayments on a Hire Purchase or lease agreement, the equipment your practice depends on could be could be at risk.
Long-term financial commitments
You may not be able to pull out of a finance arrangement once set up. This could present a problem if your practice changes direction or if technology moves on rapidly.

Our service is:


Transparent and independent, treating all lenders equally, finding the best deals.


Every type of finance for every type of business from the entire market - over 300 lenders.


Specialist Finance Experts support you every step of the way.


We make no charge of any kind when we help you find the loan you need.