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Finding an accountant who understands the challenges faced by your pharmacy or chemist shop practice may be essential for your financial success

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To keep your pharmacy or chemist shop competitive and profitable, you need to find answers to every aspect of financial management.

Finding an accountant who understands your pharmacy or chemist shop business is vital for its success.

The Rangewell Professional Pharmacy Support Services Directory

At Rangewell, as part of our commitment to supporting UK businesses, we have put together a directory to help you find the professionals you need - and made it free for you to use.

See the Professional Pharmacy Support Services Directory for details of the professionals who can help, including:

Why you need a specialised accountant for your pharmacy or chemist shop business

The accountancy profession includes many highly skilled people. You may know of several working close to your own location - but a general accountant cannot have the level of expertise you need across every type of business. The financial, legislative and practical demands facing your business or practice are unique to the sector and require specialist knowledge to answer.

Business Start-Ups and Company Formation

Setting up any business demands support from qualified professionals. An accountant who understands the pharmaceutical  sector can help:

  • Create a detailed business plan based on up-to-date knowledge of the real figures involved and the factors that will influence your profitability
  • Forecast the income, profits and loss, and the costs of running the practice
  • Help securing funding to put that plan into practice 
  • Support estimates by benchmarking.

An accountant with expertise in the sector will greatly increase your chances of receiving the funding you need and making your start-up a success.

Business Operations and Payroll

Having an accountant who understands your role as both a pharmacist and as a retailer can cut your administrative workload, with everything from VAT to Payroll, letting you focus on the business. What’s more, an accountant with expertise in the sector can identify those allowances and entitlements that might otherwise go unnoticed, but which are entirely approved by HMRC.

Their skills can also mean reducing your corporation tax liabilities and improving your cashflow.

Year End Accounts and Corporation Tax

It is, of course, your responsibility to calculate out how much you owe HMRC by filing a Company Tax Return. 

If you are not familiar with the various tax allowances you are entitled to, this responsibility could leave you paying substantially more tax than you should. 

An accountant with an understanding of the sector could provide full and up-to-date knowledge of the practices and allowances that are accepted by HMRC.

This means that, in addition to simply providing an optimised return, an experienced accountant will be able to advise you on the most tax-efficient approach for almost every business decision you make.


To ensure your business and your bookkeeping is compliant with the various requirements of HMRC, an accountant with relevant sector experience will be able to produce audited accounts. 

These will have several benefits to your business, as well as ensuring that you meet your statutory obligations. In particular, they can help your accountant work with you to identify any potential problems before they become serious and a threat to your business.

Business Development

Developing and extending your pharmacy business may demand an accountant with sector skills to provide advice on the tax-efficient implementation of business strategies, and support development, mergers and acquisitions. 

This can include developing expense budgeting models that can be used for comparison against actual results and industry benchmarks and making full use of measures such as capital allowances.

Selling your business

The time will come when you are ready to sell your practice on.

An accountant with an understanding of the sector and the challenges involved can be essential to get the best price. They can provide accurate valuations and forecasts, helping to ensure that a fair and appropriate agreement can be negotiated with a purchaser.

Finding the specialist accountant you need

At Rangewell, we work with many professionals serving the sector - including accountants. We are always happy to share our knowledge, and if you feel that your business could benefit from the support of an accountant with experience in the profession, please call us on 0203 868 5730.

Joining the Rangewell Professional Pharmacy Support Services Directory

Are you an accountant with expertise in the pharmaceutical profession? Please contact us to discuss being included in our database. There is no charge.

Call us now on our Pharmaceutical Support Line: 0203 868 5730.

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