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Why Working Capital Finance is the best option for your business

Published on 28th September 2017 - Last update on 27th November 2018

Disappointed by your working capital? Do you think that your business’ performance needs a shakeup? With Working Capital Finance you can resolve negative working capital and boost your business’ overall performance. Keeping a business running at peak efficiency can be hard work, but with the right support, the costs needn’t be overbearing. Many developing SME businesses that aren’t rich in valuable assets tend to struggle with their working capital, making this specialised business finance package an invaluable resource. So to help you manage your working capital, we’ll be looking at the benefits of Working Capital Finance and why it could well be the best option for your business, due to:

  • A broad variety of business finance products
  • Flexible criteria
  • Fast decisions and payout
  • Comfortable repayment plans

What business finance products are available?

Working Capital Finance is an umbrella term for a diverse assortment of business finance. With these products, you can stimulate growth and refine the efficiency of your day-to-day operations, all of which goes towards strengthening your working capital and maintaining it at positive levels. Some of the products on offer to your business include, but aren’t limited to, Bridging Loans, Invoice Finance, Merchant Cash Advance and Asset Refinance. With each operating in its own distinctive way, you can target and reinforce any aspects of your business in the medium to long-term.

If you’re worried about negative working capital within your business and wish to do something about it, apply for Working Capital Finance today or learn more to see how your business can benefit?

Is my business eligible?

With so many specialised business finance products on offer, the application requirements for each can vary significantly, making Working Capital Finance one of the most highly accessible packages on the market. Whilst some products take into account the quality of your credit profile and business history, others may, instead, take a closer look at the strength of your monthly revenue.

For example, whilst a Bridging Loan requires a strong credit profile and for you to be a property owner, Merchant Cash Advance looks at other criteria. The focus for lenders will be on the strength of your credit and debit card sales for 3 or more consecutive months. As such, there’s bound to be a product on offer that could be suitable for your business’ unique circumstances.

How soon can I receive a decision and assess funds?

It all depends on the chosen product, its entry requirements and the quality of your submitted documentation. For some products, such as loan-type products, you could receive the requested funds in as little as 7 days, depending on the strength of your credit profile. Meanwhile, with products such as Merchant Cash Advance, funds could be released into your business in as little as 48 hours since all that matters is how well you’re performing in terms of card-based sales.

How can I repay the finance agreement?

Understandably, the repayment process is an aspect that every business owner should discuss before entering into any commitments, no matter the product or package. With Working Capital Finance, and depending on the chosen product, you have access to a variety of very interesting repayment schemes. If choosing products such as Bridging Loans and Asset Refinance you’re subject to fixed monthly payments. Although this can be ideal for some business owners as it allows for easy budget management, others might feel indifferent and may wish to explore other options, such as the flexible monthly repayment plans with products like Merchant Cash Advance and Revenue Advance. Here, lenders will only take an agreed percentage, or retrieval rate, from your business’ monthly revenue allowing you to avoid parting with more than you card afford.

Sourcing the right solution for your working capital

Ensuring a constant supply of goods and services is vital to your business, and your customers. Yet sometimes, it can be difficult to live up to expectations. As well as the time and effort that it consumes, keeping your day-to-day operations running at peak efficiency is vital. That’s why when seeking to bolster your working capital you need a business finance solution that caters to your exact needs. So if you’re concerned about your working capital, come and see how Working Capital Finance can help your business.

Or expand your business’ horizons and apply for Working Capital Financetoday.

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