Managing customer expectations in the optical industry

By David Harrison
Content writer
Published: 17 January 2019 1 minute read

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Are your patients becoming more demanding? You’re not alone. As technology continues to become more sophisticated, so too do the expectations of your patients. In fact, many eyewear users are now choosing to see themselves as consumers rather than patients, namely because of the enhanced selection of goods and services that the internet has to offer. However, this only makes the pressure on your optician practice all the more intense, highlighting the need for action. So if you wish to retain the services of your patients, 3 questions you need to ask yourself are:

1. Do I understand what my patients want?

Over the years the expectations of eyewear users have been steadily rising. Among other factors, this has largely occurred due to the mass availability of online eyecare services. This has made comparing optical products and services much easier, as well as allowing eyewear users to place orders online and expect next-day delivery. So in order to retain a loyal customer base, you’re now having to work much harder to compete against local practitioners and online retailers. Ultimately, what this means is that you need to place simplicity, ease of use and convenience at the centre of your business’ operations.

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2. How can I keep pace with rising expectations?

If you’re to retain a loyal customer base, delivering high-quality goods and services to your patients is an absolute must. So to live up to expectations and make your practice more accessible, you need to develop a fully functioning e-commerce website that’s simple and easy to use. The benefit of this is that it will enhance customer engagement and even allow for transactions after your practice has closed its doors for the night. So if you have a patient who wants to stock up on contact lenses or cleaning solution, they can place an order late into the evening and expect to pick it up the next day without the need to wait around. Therefore, to provide a competitive service that eye wearers will come to rely on, speed, simplicity and ease of use are crucial for success.

3. What does going digital have to offer?

However, despite the challenges, there are plenty of advantages on offer that makes embracing digital technology a worthwhile endeavour. For one, the use of technology will make it easier for your customers to review their history and understand how their vision has progressed, highlighting the necessity for regular visits to your practice. In addition, by having their prescription, you’re able to source products that match their orders and precise requirements, which is something no online eyecare provider can compete with. Therefore, by combining technology and e-commerce solutions with your in-store services, you could be generating an income all day long whilst satisfying the needs of your customers.

Are you ready to embrace digital technology in your optician practice?

Eyewear users are continually becoming more difficult to satisfy. They demand a comprehensive service whilst expecting simplicity and ease of use. As an optician, this presents a formidable challenge. But in order to rise to the occasion and reap the benefits, making sure that you have sufficient funds available to make the necessary changes is vital. However, that isn’t easy, especially if you intend to use your own cash reserves. But, there is another way to take your practice forward and maintain a sustainable future.

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