Giving your dental surgery a total fit-out

In order to run a successful dental surgery in your local area, you must ensure a reliable flow of patients each month. Although maintaining our oral health is now an essential part of everyday life, you need to make sure that local residents are choosing your services over those provided by your competitors. So, as well as employing the latest advancements in dental technology, you need to keep your practice looking modern and up-to-date to attract patients.

However, refurbishing a dental practice isn’t easy and can strain the finances of even the most established surgery. That’s why an increasing number of dental practitioners are choosing to seek the help and support of Refurbishment Finance. Refurbishment Finance offers you a number of finance solutions that allow you to spread out the overall cost of refurbishing your practice. But before going full steam ahead, there are some important points you need to consider.

Why should you refurbish your dental surgery?

In order to keep your patients happy and your list of clients growing, creating a warm, welcoming and relaxing environment is vital. It can also make a big difference in attracting patients who suffer from dental anxiety. What your patients don’t want is to be confronted with a practice that’s poorly lit, cramped and filled with ageing furniture. Refurbishment can also raise morale among your staff, encouraging them to provide improved customer service. So although it can be difficult keeping pace with patient expectations, doing so will allow you to stay on top of your local competitors and increase your bottom line.

Could your dental practice benefit from a makeover? Need help raising the necessary funds to go ahead? Apply for Refurbishment Finance or learn more about how your practice could benefit.

How can you make your practice more appealing?

If you’re thinking about giving your dental surgery a total fit-out, there are a number of things you may want to factor into your plans. Ultimately, what your patients want is a comprehensive professional service, by they also want an aesthetically pleasing environment that puts them as at ease. So to achieve the desired effect, you may want to:

  • Allow more natural light into your practice
  • Install modern furniture
  • Use a welcoming colour scheme which makes the practice look less clinical
  • Create more spacious environments
  • Extend your existing facilities
  • Add more facilities in order to reduce waiting times, provide additional services or hold more supplies.

What finance solutions are available to you?

As well as sorting out planning permission and getting permission from your landlord (if you’re renting premises), you also need to factor in the expense. Although choosing to refurbish your dental surgery can incur any number of costs, thereby straining your finances, there’s no reason why you need to handle it alone. By applying for Refurbishment Finance you could gain access to a wide range of finance solutions, including Secured and Unsecured Business Loans, Commercial Mortgages, Development Bridges, Asset Finance or even Overdraft Replacement. So no matter what your practice needs to make it more aesthetically pleasing, there are plenty of ways in which you can raise the funds you need to succeed. All you need to do now is source an appropriate agreement.

Could your dental surgery benefit from a total fit-out?

Living up to the ever more challenging demands of your patients can be difficult for any dental practitioner. But unless you want to risk losing out to your competitors, providing a high-quality service is a vital necessity. One way of keeping your clientele satisfied is by periodically giving your dental practice a makeover. However, doing so can be very disruptive, putting your finances under a lot of pressure. But, if you don’t want to choose between developing your practice and financial stability, applying for Refurbishment Finance could be the answer. You just need to source a suitable finance solution for your practice.

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