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Fastest Growing Tech Companies in London

When it comes to tech, London continues to be a popular destination for entrepreneurs seeking to bring pioneering ideas to market. From fashion, catering, hospitality to financial services, technology is changing the way businesses trade and interact with their customers, both on a national and international scale. So to celebrate the enduring success of British business, we’re taking a look at London’s 10 fastest growing tech companies, according to Deloitte.

  1. Deliveroo - At the top of our list is online food delivery platform Deliveroo, who has seen a rapid rate of growth 15,749% during the course of 2018, highlighting the burgeoning demand for takeaway meals. (Find out more here about finance for hospitality businesses)

  2. Checkout.com - Meanwhile, coming in at 2nd place is Checkout.com which has grown by 15,548%. A global unified payment processing platform originating from Switzerland and designed with the express purpose of processing payments in over 150 currencies quickly and securely.

  3. Hostmaker - Boasting a growth rate of 6,445%, Hostmaker swoops in on 3rd place. An award-winning rental property services provider, Hostmaker makes it easier for landlords to manage their portfolio and earn up to 30% higher yields in rental income.

  4. Adaptavist - Next up is up on this list with 4,024% growth is Adaptavist. An IT services provider offering premium professional services, support, hosting and licensed products to a wide range of national and international clients.

  5. Paddle - With 3,858% growth, Integrated software sales platform Paddle comes 5th on our list. A provider of checkout and licensing software designed with the express purpose of saving clients time so that they can support growth with ease.

  6. Onfido - Meanwhile, providing businesses with a secure way of collecting and validating customer details, fintech platform Onfido is 6th on the list, having grown by 3,857%.

  7. Stratajet - Coming in next with 3,651% growth is Stratajet, which offers a fast and cost-effective way of booking a private jet to any global destination.

  8. Ometria - With a handsome 2,905% growth, Ometria provides an innovative platform enabling retailers to market to and secure more customers.

  9. Lending Works - Having grown by 2,832%, next in the list is Lending Works. A fintech platform offering peer-to-peer loans, personal loans and investment opportunities.

  10. Thoughtonomy - And finally, with 2,905% growth, Thoughtonomy squeezes in at 10th, which is an automation platform designed to improve the way in which business technology engages and influences the customer’s journey.

As such, what this list demonstrates is an ever-increasing demand for innovative technological solutions, both in business and on a personal level, presenting clear opportunities for entrepreneurs wanting to unleash new ideas upon the dynamic world of technology. And in support of this goal is Rangewell, who are dedicated to providing more and more business owners with the opportunities they need to support growth, whether it's finance for hospitality, construction, business or personal services. So as we approach 2019, isn’t it time you took your tech business to the next level?

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