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Supporting Your Business

  • Large-scale loans secured on property
  • Smaller loans on an unsecured basis
  • Simple predictable monthly repayments
  • Can be arranged in days

Designed Around Your Needs

  • Can be structured to support your business plans
  • Repayment and interest-only available
  • Tailored around your cashflow
  • An adverse credit history need not be a problem


  • Invest in growth
  • Deal with cash issues
  • Restructure your business
  • Refinance or acquire new assets

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Farms need large-scale investment to buy land, buildings or improve existing farm infrastructure. A Farm Term Loan is designed to help

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The agricultural industry faces more stress from external factors than almost any other. While one year might produce a bumper crop the next might be a total failure, while the market means constant fluctuation in prices and income.

It means that getting the funding you need to develop your farm form the income it earns can be almost impossible. The cash you put aside in good years may be needed the next year to tide your farm business over, paying wages and for fuel, seeds and sprays.

Without a stable back-up plan that can provide cash when it’s needed farms are in a very precarious position - and investing in measures that would help drive increased profits and stability can be impossible. Money that must be earmarked as a reserve against a bad year is money that could be spent on new equipment, new land and other income-generating investment.

A properly structured Term Loan could be the solution.

Properly used it could:

  • Avoid the need to keep cash on hand as a hedge against a downturn
  • Help seize opportunities as they arise
  • Buy land - The larger a farm, the larger the profits it can produce, and the more weight it has in negotiations with buyers. 
  • Equipment and assets - Purchasing a new silo or replacing a tractor can be expensive. Using farm finance can spread the cost.
  • Meet daily running costs - wages and overheads must be paid.
  • Diversification - Diversifying is a good way to improve a farm’s finances, eg. opening a farm shop can help by providing an additional income stream
  • Green Energy and Eco-Fuel - Investing in alternative fuel and energy sources can cut the costs of running their farm, and can even turn a profit
  • Support Recovery - The cost of re-sowing fields or buying livestock can be high. Without the capital to invest in the next year’s crop, it’s challenging for a farm to start again 
  • Allow Restructuring by consolidating debt and eliminating unprofitable elements a business can be turned around quickly

There’s a wide range of Agriculture Loans available to farmers, whether you need funding to buy an expensive new piece of equipment, additional buildings or land, or simply raise some day-to-day working capital.

How Term Loans work

There are several types of Term Loans to consider. Some can work like a personal loan, with yours and your farm’s credit rating being the main factor. These are Unsecured Loans and can be arranged quickly - but the rates may be relatively high, and there will be a limit on what you can borrow. These are usually limited to repayment terms of up to 60 months

For larger-scale borrowing, you may need a Secured Loan. This will be secured on your land or property and, although this means if you cannot make the repayments you could lose the property that acts as security, the actual costs can be much lower. Secured Loans can be spread over 10 or 20 years.

In both cases, you will commit to a monthly payment schedule. It is essential that these repayments are made on time - you need to look carefully at your financial circumstances before committing to a loan.

Short-term Loans may have a relatively high interest rate. Longer-term loans from 3-7 years can cost around 6.5-9% depending on your circumstances.

Why you need Rangewell to set up a Farm Term Loan

There are many lenders who will be happy to lend to your farm business, using your property as security. But each lender will have its own focus and preferences and will offer different terms and conditions to their clients.

There are wide differences in interest rates and terms, and so it is essential to get the funding that is right for you.

At Rangewell, we can help you find the most appropriate product and the most competitive deal for the loan you want.

Our knowledge can not only help you secure the funding you need - it can save you a great deal of cash.

Our knowledge of funding solutions for the agricultural sector - from finance to restructure a farm to agricultural land purchase and more - can be an important asset for your business. Call us to find out more.


  • Find a finance deal to let a farmer secure his farm after a failed harvest

  • Source funding to allow a farm to be passed on at below-market cost     

  • Found a lender to fund an inheritance tax bill for a large pasture farm

  • Find the most competitive funding for a farm already subject to intergenerational mortgage agreements

Discover our range of finances

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Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

  • Keep the family farm
    Bridging can provide cost-effective solutions to allow a farm to be passed down intact.
  • Short-term funding
    Bridge Loans can be the most cost-effective way to raise large sums for the short term.
  • Funding for any purpose
    Securing funds on your land can help you raise cash for feed, purchase or any other kind of funding need.
  • For development
    Livestock Loans can allow your farm to take advantage of an opportunity when it would take too long to look for funding elsewhere.
  • Fast applications
    Lenders providing Bridging Loans will examine your credit profile, the value of the asset you want to use as security, and your exit strategy so they can make a decision quickly.
  • A single repayment
    In most cases, all fees, interest and charges can be rolled up into a single repayment made at the end of the loan term, when an alternative fund source has been arranged.

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