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Dental Practice For Sale

Private & NHS Dentist Sales

Rangewell represents dentists looking to sell their businesses all across the country. We also help buyers like you find, fund and purchase your dream dental practice.

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Dental Practice of the Month

Private Practice with a growing membership and special interest in Implants and Endodontics - YORKSHIRE - Income in excess of £650,000 / Adjusted Net Profit over £234,000

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Whether you're an experienced dentist looking to step into ownership or a group looking to expand, find and purchase your dental practice with Rangewell's expert financial support. 

  • We represent sellers across the UK, offering private and NHS dentists for sale.
  • Our agents work with buyers and sellers to help make the purchase as straightforward as possible.
  • Our finance experts help buyers plan their purchases and secure the financing you need, all at no cost.  
  • We’ll guide you through the entire purchase process, helping you understand concepts such as share vs asset purchases, TUPE laws for employees, business structure considerations and more. 
  • We leverage our network to help you find experienced solicitors, surveyors and other professionals required during the purchase. 

Find dental practices for sale in the UK 

If you’re looking to buy a dental practice, whether you’re becoming an owner for the first time or you’re expanding an existing portfolio, you know the value of good research. When buying a practice, you need to assess many different factors to make sure it will be the right choice for you. These include: 

  • Location: not only does the actual physical location of the practice matter, but you should also research the area’s income levels, patient demographics and transport links/parking. 
  • Patient history: is the practice at capacity or are they welcoming new patients? What kind of retention rate does it have?
  • Reputation: is the practice well reviewed by the public? What about the CQC and other professional bodies? 
  • Competition: does the practice have strong local competition?
  • Workforce: what type of employee structure does the practice have and how will it impact your purchase?  

We can help you understand these criteria and how they might impact your purchase and future business when you work with us. We can discuss any of the listings we manage in the context of your investment and help you make the right decision - as we are an independent party with our interests split evenly between you and the seller. 

From esteemed private clinics to investment-ready small practices, find the right dentist for sale today by signing up to our mailing list or getting in touch with our selling agents direct.

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Working with a buyers/sellers agent already? 

There are lots of great dental selling agents in the UK and each can help you find the right property. However, we think it’s always a good idea to get a second opinion where it counts most – which is why we offer ours even if you’re already working with other agents. 

As an independent in the financial market, we can help you even if you’re already working with an agent. In fact, we’re here to provide a truly outside perspective to your relationship by assessing any opportunity you want us to, assessing the listing in the context of your business goals and providing you with a checklist of things to look for. 

We’ll help you establish the affordability of any dental practices you wish to buy and can even help crunch the numbers and create EBITDA reports or other financial projections. We can also organise the assistance of solicitors and surveyors to help you manage your purchase. 

Finance your dental practice purchase

While we manage dental practices for sale, we also negotiate and secure dental practice finance to help owners acquire new businesses or aid existing businesses in their growth. If you choose to purchase one of our dentist sale opportunities, we will help you manage the entire purchase process and make buying the practice as simple as possible. 

That includes assisting you with the necessary business planning and financial projections you’ll need, as well as helping navigate the lender’s market and negotiate a finance agreement that works for you. 

Finance for new assets or equipment

Once you’ve made your purchase, do you need to expand the practice or secure new equipment? We’ll help you raise further capital through asset finance to buy the machinery or furnishings you need to grow your dentist’s value. 

Start a dental practice from scratch

If you’re considering starting from scratch as a new dental practice, you’ll need to secure a suitable property and equip it for your needs. That means you’ll also need a specific mix of finance arrangements to help you develop and outfit your practice. Whether you’re starting with a squat practice or building a property from the ground-up, we can help you secure the finance you’ll need to realise your dream. 

Raise dental practice finance with Rangewell

Securing the funds needed to buy a practice can seem like a minefield for many potential owners, but with Rangewell on your side you can realise your ambitions. We’ll help you understand different credit products, secure and unsecured financing and how your own personal experience will impact your offer. 

Whether you want to buy an NHS dentist or private practice, browse our dental practice listings and make ownership a reality with Rangewell. Get in touch with our team today to register your interest in dental practices for sale. 

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