Bridging Loan Calculator

Helping you see the costs of your finance faster


Scaled for your needs

  • 1 to 12 months
  • No maximum
  • Competitive monthly rates
  • Non-status and full status


  • Bridge short-term funding gaps
  • Interest roll-up schemes
  • Adverse Credit – no problem
  • Funding can be available in 5 – 7 business days


  • Can be used for refinance
  • Up to 100% Loan to Value available
  • Land or premises purchase up to 70% of value
  • Commercial, Residential and Land

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Bridging Finance is short-term funding that can help you secure a property or fund a major business deal. Use our calculator to find the costs of the Bridging Finance you need.

Calculate your Bridging Loan costs

Our Bridging loan calculator can help give you a indication of what your overall costs are with a bridging loan. Simply enter the details of the loan amount and estimated property value and our Bridging Loan calculator can help you see the costs

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  • Find a bridging finance deal to let a developer secure a property bought at auction - ensuring he could move his project forward and protecting his deposit

  • Source funding secured on their works to let a printer buy a competitor - in effect doubling the size of the business overnight

  • Found a lender to finance a manufacturing company to buying a new factory

  • Helped an industrial estate owner secure funds to buy an adjacent property at auction, ensuring scope for growth

  • Find the best bridging finance deal to buy a chip shop in a new development before the owners existing shop had been sold

Meet real businesses who have used Bridging Finance

We bought a bigger factory with a bridging loan, moved out of our old one, and sold it. Disruption to production was minimal.
Sometimes you need large scale finance fast to secure a deal. Bridging loans are the fastest solution we could find.
I bought at auction and needed £300,000 to complete in 14 days, or lose my £3000 deposit. Rangewell helped get a bridging loan in time.

Helping you build your profits

Fast decisions from specialist lenders

Lenders will look at your credit profile, the value of the asset, and your exit strategy to make a decision in the shortest possible time.

Suitable for all types of property

• Residential, commercial and mixed-use development • Conversion and refurbishment • Planning gain transactions • Part built development refinance

Scaled for industry

Industrial property can cost in the tens of millions. We can provide solutions to support that scale of borrowing.

Designed for your business

Bridging loans can provide help to support all types of property acquisitions, including your own business premises.

Releasing funds

A bridging loan on an existing property can provide a high level of funds for your business to reinvest elsewhere.

For developers

Bridging loans can provide a funding solution for the early stages of development projects. These can be refinanced at a higher value once plans are finalised.

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A sound business is essential

A sound business, and a sound business plan for its future are vital to secure funding.

You need to provide a large deposit

Most lenders will expect you to put up at least 25% funding as a deposit on industrial property.

You need to be certain you can make the repayments

Business property lending is secured on your property. If you don’t keep up repayments, you could lose it.

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