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Waste Management Finance

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Waste management is a critical part of UK infrastructure, helping individuals and businesses manage, recycle and dispose of waste. Over the past decade, the UK’s commercial sector has generated between 44 and 40 million tonnes of waste every year. Businesses that can help manage this waste burden and drive towards net zero targets are a welcome addition to UK industry and will form a key role in future infrastructure. 

If you want to leverage this opportunity and buy, build, convert or expand a waste management facility, you’ll need finance. Traditional mainstream lenders such as high street banks may not be able to offer you a suitable deal due to a lack of sector knowledge. 

Here at Rangewell, however, we know the waste management and property sectors inside-and-out. We can quickly guide you through the lender’s market, find a suitable lender and negotiate an offer on your behalf – all designed to suit your long-term goals and at the best rates possible. 

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Is waste management a good investment?

Despite public and private investment in waste management, the UK’s commercial sector continues to have a waste problem. Data from the UK government shows that a full decade has barely reduced total waste generation in the commercial sector. In 2010, the commercial and industrial sector generated 43.7 million tonnes and by 2020 this figure was only down to 40.4 million tonnes. 

This rate is not keeping pace with ambitious net zero targets. UK legislators are making it clear that there must be transformational change in the industry aimed at heavily cutting down on commercial waste. 

Private waste management businesses will play a key role in helping businesses manage, recycle and reduce waste. Unique opportunities exist in many different areas – from specialised hazardous waste to tailored waste management plans for specific industries such as automotive or manufacturing. 

Hazardous waste continues to be an issue and an opportunity for waste management facilities. Some businesses lack the equipment and experience needed to dispose of hazardous materials – meaning those who can invest in the necessary competencies can win more contracts as a result. 

The main area of opportunity comes in the form of environmental targets. Net zero and carbon reduction are a fundamental consideration for any current and future waste management businesses. Investing in modern green solutions is essential if you want to be taken seriously. This was made abundantly clear in early 2024 when members of the Environmental Services Association promised to invest £10bn towards waste recycling, creating 40,000 new jobs in the process. 

Waste is an ongoing issue. Investing in a waste business means you’ll always have client demand – the real challenge in on how you’ll structure your business, outfit your premises and source your equipment. 

What is finance for waste management? 

Waste management facilities have a diverse range of requirements that depend entirely on your business model and circumstances. Equipment and construction costs in the sector can be higher than elsewhere, meaning investors need to have plenty of capital to hand when first starting a project or when looking to grow an existing one. 

Finance gives you that capital, allowing you to fund various goals, including:

Purchasing machinery and equipment with asset finance 

Asset finance is a type of loan where security is taken over the value iof the asset. This helps de-risk it in the eyes of the lender, meaning you can often secure better rates than you might through a standard loan. When you complete payments under an asset finance agreement, you typically end up owning the asset – making it ideal for funding industrial machinery such as waste incinerators that you’ll use for many years in your business. 

Purchasing a waste management business

Whether you’re an existing employee or shareholder looking to buy the business you work for, or you’re an outsider looking to buy a waste facility for sale, you’ll likely need a significant loan to complete the purchase. Rangewell can help you secure a commercial mortgage or similar loan that is spread out across a longer term to minimise repayments. 

Interested in buying a waste management business? Speak to our team before you contact a seller or selling agent and see how Rangewell can help. 

Constructing new waste facilities

Property development finance is structured around the phases of a construction project, designed to support developers whilst protecting a lender against risk as much as possible. If you intend to build a waste management facility, you’ll need to talk to Rangewell so we can help you apply for a suitable development loan that recognises the potential value of the business rather than the ‘bricks and mortar’ value. 

How to get finance for your waste management business

All of these different situations will require specific types of loan or finance agreement, where the interest rates and term lengths offered will vary depending on the strength of your application and your approach to a lender. 

To secure a loan, you’ll need to: 

  • Prepare a business plan that demonstrates your experience in waste management or a relevant similar field. (If you don’t have experience, you may still be able to get a loan but you’ll need to talk to our team first to learn how to best represent yourself in an application). 
  • Estimate the rough amount of finance you think you’ll need. It can be a good idea to think about term length at this stage, but if you work with us we’ll advise you on the most appropriate term to suit your goals. 
  • Identify the right lender who understands your plans and the sector in general. For waste facilities, this might not be traditional banks. 
  • Submit your application and await a lender decision
  • Review the offer, paying close attention to any potential fees or charges that might inflate the costs. 

Take care of this entire process with ease by working with Rangewell. We’ll take you through every stage of the process and help ensure the offer you receive suits your waste management investment needs. 

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