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Fast Commercial Mortgages & Property Loans

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Whilst property investment can be a profitable venture, it comes with plenty of challenges. One of the most apparent is in the delays associated with the buying process - especially when it comes to raising finance. 

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From pre-purchase research through to the legal processes that are necessary for each sale, there are multiple stages where delays can occur. 

For investors, there’s another source of potential delay to think about, too – finance. In most commercial property purchases, you’ll need to apply for a loan to fund the purchase. From finding the right lender between mainstream banks and independent providers to submitting an application and negotiating with the lender, the logistics of loans take time. Even once approved, you’ll often face a wait before you can actually use the funds. 

Contact our team instead and we’ll speed up the entire process. We can offer urgent property finance negotiated at forgiving rates, with funds available in just 4-5 days. The speed at which we can help you find a lender and negotiate a deal allows you to make opportunistic purchases and move forward without worrying about lender delays. 

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What type of property finance is right for you? 

There are various types of property finance available to investors, with each structured differently depending on your requirements. The most common type is known as a commercial mortgage, which functions similarly to residential mortgages but is used for commercial properties such as offices and retail units. 

Like a standard mortgage, these deals typically take longer than other kinds of finance because the lender will require due diligence and other checks to ensure the investment suits their requirements. 

However, with Rangewell, we can help find specialist lenders willing to expedite the process. We’ll also bring our insight to your application and help identify any areas lenders may deliberate over, so you’ll be able to take care of them ahead of the application and speed up approval. 

If you’re going to have to fund further development on a property, you may need development finance. This is a loan that is often offered against the value of the finished property, known as the ‘bricks and mortar’ value. 

Development finance can be used for refurbishment works or development commenced from scratch. As with commercial mortgages, various things can slow down the process, including securing planning permission and finding approved contractors to work on the site. 

Bridging finance is another common property loan, which offers faster access to funds and enables you to purchase property where time is a factor, such as in an auction. 

Unfortunately, bridging loans often carry higher rates – which is why it’s important to work with Rangewell so we can plan your loan structure on your behalf to maximise its value. For example, taking out a bridging loan to seize an opportunity and then refinancing to a more stable commercial mortgage as soon as possible. 

In all cases, work with our team and make your life far easier. We’ll take all of your considerations into account, identify lenders that work for you and then negotiate a loan that cuts out time wasting and gets you the cash you need to complete your investment. 

Get quick commercial mortgages and property loans with Rangewell 

Property might move slowly as a sector, but that’s no reason to slow down in your business and investment strategy. Get the finance you need urgently with Rangewell’s support and make decisions quickly without waiting for lenders to catch up. 

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