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When is the best time to think about Alternative Finance?

Published on 10th July 2018 - Last update on 30th October 2018

In order to ensure the success of your business, making sure that you have access to sufficient funding opportunities is imperative. Yet despite the necessity of cash, acquiring it isn’t easy. But if you’re a developing SME looking for opportunities outside your local high street bank, there are pathways available. You just need to know where to look. By choosing to explore what the Alternative Finance Industry has to offer you could gain access to a wide range of business finance solutions that will allow you to support and reinforce any aspect of your business. But if you’re still wondering when you should consider exploring what the Alternative Finance Industry has to offer, it really depends on what your objectives are:

  • Have you already been unsuccessful with your bank?
  • Are you looking to support innovation and growth?
  • Do you need additional equipment?
  • Do you want to purchase property?
  • Are you looking to replenish stock?
  • Do you need to cover additional financial commitments?

I’ve been rejected by my bank. Can Alternative Finance help?

Whether you’ve been turned away by your bank or are simply looking to explore what other funding opportunities are available, Alternative Finance may just be the answer. In short, Alternative Finance is simply business finance provided by anyone other than your local high street bank. As such, you could gain access to a diverse range of products and financial tools provided by everyone from Boutique Banks, Specialist Finance Providers, Alternative Lenders or anyone else who may be interested in investing in your business. So, no matter what your objectives may be you can explore what the Alternative Finance Industry has to offer before, during or after enquiring with your bank.

Been turned down by your bank? Or are you curious to see what other funding opportunities may be available? Apply for Alternative Finance or learn more about how your business could benefit.

I’m looking for ways to support innovation and growth

If you’re looking for more ways to develop your business, the Alternative Finance Industry could help. By choosing to seek funding opportunities this way, you could gain access to a number of solutions including Growth Finance. So whether looking to improve the quality of your goods and services, expand into new areas, reach out to more customers or enhance your business’ appeal, Alternative Finance could provide you with the necessary tools and funding to make it happen. All you need to do is find an appropriation solution which is suitable for what you’re hoping to achieve and how your business operates, which is why speaking with a qualified finance specialist is so invaluable.

Can I use Alternative Finance to acquire additional equipment?

Of course! The Alternative Finance Industry could help you source an appropriate Asset Finance solution to finance any type of asset that your business requires, regardless of whether you’re looking to purchase, borrow or release equity. As such, if you’re looking to acquire anything from toolkits, luxury vehicles, bespoke ovens, fermentation tanks, animal transporters, combine harvesters to articulated lorries, the means to acquire them could be within your reach. By choosing to explore the Alternative Finance landscape your business could benefit from options such as Hire Purchase, Leasing, Contract Hire and even Asset Refinance. You just need to figure out which finance solution is most suitable for your business’ needs.

I’m looking to purchase property, how can Alternative Finance help?

Whether you’re looking to acquire your first premises, move to a new location, open another branch or acquire land, the Alternative Finance Industry could guide you towards an appropriate Property Finance solution. So, from Commercial Mortgages to Bridging Loans, you could gain the means to carry out all of the essential property-related projects you need, including renovations and refurbishments to real estate purchases, and succeed. But before making your decision, you need to ensure that you fully understand each of the products that are available to you first.

Can Alternative Finance help me replenish my inventory?

Yes. If your business is in retail or catering, for example, making sure that your inventory is up to date and regularly restocked in order to meet customer demand is essential. However, if you’re working with a tight budget, achieving that goal can prove challenging. But by choosing to assess what funding opportunities lie in wait with the Alternative Finance Industry your business could benefit from having access to Inventory Finance. So no matter whether you deal with vehicles, catering, manufacturing or retail, the means to keep your customer happy is, once again, within your grasp thanks to Alternative Finance.

Could Alternative Finance help support my finances?

When it comes to your business’ finances, being prepared for any eventuality beforehand is key. But if you’re an SME having to contend with a tight budget, setting money aside every month might not be an option and suppliers might not be willing to wait around. As such you need to act fast in order to avoid the situation escalating further. But thanks to the Alternative Finance Industry, you could gain access to a number of business finance solutions which could be arranged in as little as 48 hours, depending on the complexity of the request. So if you need help supporting your business’ financial commitments, the Alternative Finance Industry could provide you with the funds you need, fast.

Could your business benefit from exploring the Alternative Finance landscape?

You may have all sorts of ideas regarding the direction you want your business to go in, but without the funds to back it up, achieving your long- and short-term goals will be a challenge. However, acquiring the funds your business needs can prove just as difficult. Although banks are an invaluable part of the lending landscape, your business might not be able to meet the necessary criteria. That’s why more and more business owners are turning to the Alternative Finance Industry for support. So no matter how big or small your business may be, apply for Alternative Finance today or find out more with Rangewell.

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