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Paying your bills and employees with fast finance

Published on 16th January 2017 - Last update on 22nd November 2019

Running a business in an industry you’re passionate about is no doubt highly rewarding. However, like any business, there are always going to be hurdles to overcome in order to reach your goals.

As your business performs its daily operations there will inevitably be a range of costs incurred. These will include employee wages, gas and electricity bills, rent, insurance premiums and more besides. You can’t help but receive some of these costs, yet sometimes the sums demanded may come as a shock, especially if some of the bigger bills coincide. Such costs can quickly put any developing business in a difficult situation, even making the need for external funding a necessity.

You might be tempted to make funding enquiries with your high street bank, but this can often prove to be a fruitless endeavour or may take longer than you can ideally afford it to. If you’re having challenges paying your bills, you’ll appreciate the need for access to fast capital. This is where Rangewell can prove an extremely valuable tool, navigating your business through the vast sea of alternative finance solutions.

Business Loans

For any business, having access to business loans is a must. Often, it can suffice as an essential safety net during those difficult periods.

With a well placed custom-made loan, your business can feel the benefits of a lump sum ranging from £5,000 to as much as £1,000,000, and on agreements lasting between 3 months and 2 year periods. Paid directly into your account, it’ll be where you need it, precisely when you need it most – paying your bills! From here on, you’ll be required to make monthly payments, plus interest.

  • Secured: To give lenders confidence, assets such as your personal home, business premises or equipment may be used to secure the loan. Should your business fail to repay the loan, lenders will have the right to seize these assets in order to recover costs.
  • Unsecured: This type of loan isn’t secured using assets, but lenders may ask you to come to an agreement declaring your intention to repay the loan in due course.

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