Finance Guide: Fast Finance

When it comes to resolving an unexpected shortfall in cash one of the most important things for a business is get access to money quickly.

Why Fast Finance?

There can be many reasons why a business requires Fast Finance. Perhaps the business is seasonal and requires support at a slow time of the year or maybe an unexpected bill has arrived at just the wrong time. It’s also important to note that fast finance is not always a sign that a business is in trouble, as many businesses require fast finance to take advantage of a new market opportunity or to service a new contract.

The provision of fast finance is very much a bespoke product and involves an assessment of a business in terms of its performance to date, its risk profile and its ability to pay back the loan and often these loans can be accessed extremely quickly once an assessment has been deemed successful.

Generally, a Fast Loan by its very nature is an automated process and usually does not a require the completion of forms. It can often just take minutes to apply by answering a few basic questions.

Making sure you have the right finance for your business is complex and can often be confusing.

There are so many options that can seem very similar, but which when reviewed closely can be very different in terms of monthly payments, overall costs, up-front fees and terms and conditions.

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