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EU Reform – what does it mean for small businesses?

Published on 10th November 2015 - Last update on 15th November 2019

Today Rangewell’s CEO Chris Greener was invited to Chatham House by UK Trade and Investment to hear David Cameron outline plans for an EU referendum in 2017.

Cameron highlighted this was likely the most important vote of our lifetime, and sought input from all parties, including small and growing businesses struggling with EU regulation.

Rangewell wanted to know what changes are possible to state aid restrictions, given the limitations the regulation creates for new business grants when combined with other initiatives. While the PM couldn’t get to Greener’s question, he did state that employment and promoting business both old and new was central to his discussions with the EU.

UK business lending is widely financed by global capital market institutions who keep rates down and increase product diversity for business lenders. Rangewell therefore requests that the PM ensures capital markets are kept open for UK businesses to thrive, providing access to the diversity of products we are used to.

David Cameron exits Chatham House
David Cameron exits Chatham House following his speech

Rangewell provides access to business loans via professional advisors such as accountants, from a wide range of boutique, specialist, alternative, and mainstream business lenders. To find out more about Rangewell, click here.

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