Benefits of Small Business Finance

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Benefits of Small Business Finance

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Turning a small business into a thriving well-established firm isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication and vision. However, in order to achieve your goals, you also need access to funding. But as an SME with limited cash reserves, acquiring the funds you need to grow your business and ensure a sustainable future isn’t easy - or is it? As soon as your business reaches its 2nd trading year you can gain access to a much wider range of business finance products thanks to Small Business Finance. Small Business Finance offers you the means to complete projects along with the ability to control your finances. So no matter what you need to succeed, here’s how applying for Small Business Finance could benefit your business:

  • Access to a range of finance solutions
  • Supports your finances
  • Spreads the total cost of equipment
  • Useful for real estate projects
  • Suitable for a range of financial circumstances

What can Small Business Finance offer?

What makes Small Business Finance such an invaluable resource is that it covers a diverse range of solutions for your business. Each of these products works in its own way, meaning that you have a higher chance of finding a solution that fits around how your business operates and what it requires. So by choosing to apply for Small Business Finance, some of the products and packages you could benefit from include Asset Finance, Secured and Unsecured Loans, Merchant Cash Advance, Invoice Financing, Commercial Mortgages, Bridging Loans and Revolving of Credit Facilities.

Looking to provide funds for your SME? In need of an urgent cash injection? Apply for Small Business Finance or learn more about how your business could benefit!

Could I use it to reinforce my business’ finances?

Of course. As well as offering you the means to acquire a cash injection, perhaps after settling a previous agreement, you can also use Small Business Finance to support your operating costs and any other monthly expenses. So whether you need help covering staff wages, purchasing stock, paying utility bills, meeting tax demands or reinforcing your cash reserves into time for an upcoming business project, applying for Small Business Finance could present an appropriate solution. Therefore, whether you’re currently in the middle of a long-standing business project or just need help meeting your financial commitments, Small Business Finance could offer you the peace of mind that you desire.

Can I use it to purchase equipment?

Yes. Small Business Finance contains a number of finance solutions that also come under Asset Finance, presenting you with a variety of ways to spread out the cost of valuable assets such as equipment, machinery and vehicles. So by supporting your goals with Small Business Finance, you can choose to either borrow or purchase the equipment your business needs to operate and succeed. In addition, if you already own valuable unencumbered assets, you can also release the equity that they contain for a variety of purposes which includes purchasing more assets. Therefore, whether you’re seeking to expand your fleet, upgrade your current equipment or expanding your services, applying for Small Business Finance could grant you the confidence you need to make it happen.

Could Small Business Finance help move my business nearer to my customers?

Absolutely. Having permanent work premises is crucial in many UK sectors, but can difficult to acquire without the necessary support in place. But with Small Business Finance, there are products available which can help spread out the total cost of a property. In addition, these products can prove valuable if you already own property, allowing you to release the equity in order to support refurbishment projects.

I have bad credit, could my business still qualify for Small Business Finance?

Yes, although it could limit your choices or make it harder to acquire certain types of finance products. But, since Small Business Finance covers a number of different business finance products, there are solutions available for all manner of financial situations. Although there are products where lenders may ask for a strong credit score, there are other solutions where they may look at your sales reports or what security you are able to offer instead. Nevertheless, lenders typically assess your credit profile in order to determine the risk that’s involved, which may affect the interest rate that they offer.

Looking for Small Business Finance?

Cash is a vital resource in business, but obtaining it in sufficient amounts can prove challenging. But if you’re hoping to provide funds for your business, there is a way. Whether your goals involve supporting your finances, acquiring specialist equipment or completing a vital growth project, applying for Small Business Finance could help your SME on the road to success. So if your business needs funding to progress to the next stage of its development, apply for Small Business Finance today, or find out more with Rangewell.

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