VAT and Tax Loans for Dentists

Keeping the taxman at bay

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Funding options


Spread Costs

  • Spread the cost of quarterly VAT
  • Spread the cost of annual corporation tax
  • Regular monthly repayments
  • Ease taxflow burdens

Reduce Risk

  • Reduced need for capital
  • Simple ongoing facility
  • Avoid reputational risk
  • Avoid penalties

Grow Your Business

  • Deal with income fluctuations
  • Free up cash for investment elsewhere
  • Scales with your business
  • Solutions for start-ups and established businesses

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You can't avoid tax bills. But with help from the Rangewell team, you can avoid them becoming a problem when they come around.

At Rangewell we recognise your professional status, and we work harder to find you better solutions - which can include 100% finance for many of your needs.

VAT and corporation tax payments come round regularly – but they can still be a problem if your dental practice does not have sufficient funds. At Rangewell, we can help you deal with tax bills and provide solutions for the long term, which can benefit your whole business.

You should know exactly what your tax bills will be, and when they fall due - but finding the necessary funds may still be a challenge. A shortfall at the end of a quarter can mean VAT problems. Income not on forecast can mean problems with corporation tax. Your dental practice can face issues with tax liabilities through no fault of your own.

Keeping cashflow healthy

Your tax liabilities can often amount to a substantial sum, large enough to have a significant effect on your company’s cash flow. Having to earmark funds upfront to deal with a tax liability can mean that you are unable to invest in other areas. Even the necessary capital for day-to-day operations becomes restricted because of the bottlenecks created by tax bills. Your whole practice can suffer.

HMRC will not accept excuses. You could face heavy penalties for late payments. Many dental practitioners use business Tax Loans to help ease the impact that a tax bill can have.

The advantages

Straightforward Tax Loans can help you deal with a tax bill when it is an emergency.

A Tax Loan facility goes further. It is designed to help manage the recurring expense of tax bills, spreading the costs to remove the constraints on your revenue stream. It allows you to take control of your cash flow and spread the cost of your tax bill into more manageable monthly payments.

The benefits to your business are simple. Tax Finance could let you pay HMRC on time without causing you cashflow problems, while you spread the cost over a 12 month period.

Why you need Rangewell to set up Tax Finance

Many lenders can offer short-term loans which could help with a problem tax bill. Getting a purpose-made tax loan from the right lender can not only cut the costs - it can help you ensure that problem need not affect you again. 

At Rangewell, we work with lenders across the entire market. We know the lenders who can offer the most appropriate lending and the most competitive rates. It means we can offer you an affordable way to deal with tax bills that come as a problem. We can find you lenders who will provide funds in under 24 hours, and can pay funds directly to HMRC if required.

But we can do more than that. We can source flexible facilities that once set up will let you spread tax bills, including VAT and corporation tax across the year. It means smoother cash flow and cash freed up cash for investment in other areas.

It means turning your tax bill liabilities into a predictable cost - giving your business a real advantage.

Getting the solution that is right for you

Our experts can discuss your needs, and help find answers scaled to fit your turnover and your other obligations. When you call us, we can explain the options – and find you the solutions you need fast. We can help with any type of loans for dentists. Plus if you would like independent support for your practice - from specialised help with sales and acquisitions for dentists to equipment suppliers and more - with our Dentist's Directory.

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Our goal is very simple - to help businesses find the right type of finance as quickly, transparently and painlessly as possible.

Helping you build your profits

  • Fast - the cash you need as you need it
    Tax Loans can be quick and simple to arrange, with lenders often prepared to lend on the basis of your tax bill and evidence of current turnover.
  • Spreading the cost
    Spreading the cost of your tax bill frees up funds to operate your business. Buy in stock, deal with temporary cash flow issues reduce the need for additional investment.
  • No need for extra security
    Tax Loans can usually be provided without the need for security - there is no need to put your assets or possessions at risk.
  • Tailored funding
    Lenders will work with you to tailor funding to your business, letting you deal with variables such as seasonal income variations.
  • Dealing with downturns
    Any practice can face an unexpected downturn. With tax funding, it need not lead to disaster.
  • Supporting growth
    With a Tax Loan you can free up funds to support growth - letting you increase your revenue before you deal with the tax bill.

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How do VAT and Tax Loans work? 

Can Tax and VAT Loans help support my cashflow?

How can they provide extra revenue for your business?

Find out how you can spread the cost of your tax bill with Tax Funding  

Why you must find the right lender to cut costs

Is it important to choose a lender who is authorised and regulated by the financial conduct authority?

The downsides of borrowing to pay your tax bills

What paperwork do you need?

Will I need to submit my HM Revenue and Customs registration number to lenders in my application?

Is a Tax Loan facility classed as a short-term loan (terms of up to 12 months)? 

Do I still pay my tax liability directly to HMRC? 

Can business owners receive funds within 24 hours of being accepted?

 Do business owners use this type of finance to help with working capita?

Do many businesses take advantage of Tax Loans when they have to pay corporation tax to Revenue and Customs (HMRC)?

What guarantees and security will I need to apply for Tax Loans?

The key funding terms to check

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An additional costThe costs of a Tax Loan can vary according to the sector you work in and the nature of your business, but will inevitably mean an additional cost for your business.
A warning signIf your business is having difficulty paying a tax bill because of insufficient margins, you should consider that it is a warning sign. A Tax Loan could decrease your margins even further.
Not suitable for the first years of tradingMost Tax Loan providers will expect your business to have evidence of several years trading to consider you for a loan.

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