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Property Finance can be complicated. We guide you through the key questions you have about Commercial Mortgages, Development Loans and Bridging Loans

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    Property finance is complicated. Rangewell have the answers you need.
    We’ve been looking for straight answers t some big property finance questions. We found them with Rangewell’s help.
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    • How does Property Finance work?

    • What type of funding do you need for your project?

    • What are the costs?

    • What are the restrictions?

    • The downsides of Property Finance

    • Making the application

    • Key terms to check

    A sound business is essential

    Funding is secured on the future earnings of your business. A sound business, and a sound business plan for its future are vital to secure funding.

    You need to provide a large deposit

    Most lenders will expect you to put up at least 25% funding as a deposit when you are buying land - and possibly more.

    You need to be be certain you can make repayments

    Lending is secured on your land itself. If you don’t keep up repayments, you could lose it.

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