Business Cash Advance

A fast way to boost cash flow and fund growth

60 Seconds Summary

Does your business take credit card payments?

They can bring you a new kind of funding with Business Cash Advance

Business Cash Advance – also known as Merchant Cash Advance – can provide a simple way to deal with short term and seasonal cash issues – and to fund your business growth plans.

A Business Cash Advance can bring you the funds you need fast, often in just days. Then it makes repayment automatic, with a set percentage of every credit card payment going straight to the lender.

It means your customers repay your advance for you.

How it works

The lender will work with your payment processing company, who give them access to your recent transactions.

You request a cash advance up to your monthly card takings, which you can use any way you wish.

Can you get a Business Cash advance?

If you use a card terminal – a PDQ machine – you can apply. Because the lender can see what the business makes over an average month they can agree a loan amount and repayment rate fast. You can get cash in days, making it a great option if you don’t have assets, or need finance fast.

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Your personalised quote will include

  • How much you can borrow
  • What the repayments will be
  • How best to present your request to lenders
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